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Winterhalter’s Site Tests and Finance Options Offer Lockdown Upgrade Solution

A dishwasher upgrade during lockdown? Winterhalter offers sage advice Site tests and flexible finance options make warewashing sense

If lockdown has a silver lining it’s the opportunity to upgrade critical appliances or even undertake complete kitchen refurbs. The challenge is twofold: on the one hand, getting the right equipment and, on the other, financing the project. Winterhalter is offering a combination of free site surveys and plans, including tests to understand local water conditions, along with access to its multiple financial support packages, such as its Pay Per Wash scheme, to help operators finance their plans to suit their budget.

The survey will establish what is the best machine size and type for the venue, taking account of a variety of factors such as peak warewash volumes, the type of soiling and the available space. However, understanding the local water conditions are critical when it comes to getting prefect results. That’s why Winterhalter will carry out a titration test, which establishes the mains water’s chemical composition, so the company’s experts can recommend the best dishwash chemicals and dosage for the site.

Winterhalter’s finance plans include interest-free HP, rental schemes and leasing. There’s also the option of Pay PerWash (PPW), which gives operators a top quality Winterhalter machine with no upfront cost – they simply pay as they wash, by buying credits online or by phone. As well as covering the warewasher, PPW covers the cleaning chemicals and machine servicing as well – so there are no unexpected costs.

The added bonus of having the most modern warewasher technology is that it will be more efficient, hygienic and faster, while offering lower running costs compared to older appliances.

“With the hospitality industry on its knees, equipment suppliers are trying to find ways to help when the recovery comes,” says Paul Crowley, marketing manager at Winterhalter UK. “Schemes like PPW make the latest quality equipment affordable, while our comprehensive survey can ensure the best possible cleaning results.”

Meanwhile, if you’ve no plans to upgrade equipment during lockdown, Winterhalter recommends that you arrange a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) call from your service engineer. It means you’ll know everything is good to go when you are up and running again.


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