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Hangar 7 venue lists The King of Soho

The King of Soho spirits have been listed by Hangar 7, situated above the acclaimed The Warehouse Kitchen & Bar near Stockton on Teeside. The venue offers an immersive experience which the owners describe as a "captivating dining and imbibing haven."

The King of Soho is run by female entrepreneur, Alex Robson, who co-founded the brand with her partner, Howard Raymond. The brand was launched in 2013 in homage to Howard Raymond's late father, the original ‘King of Soho', Paul Raymond. A challenger spirit, Paul Raymond dominated the London entertainment scene from the late 1950s to the late 1980s, revolutionising the district of Soho. The spirits celebrate Soho, and the bold and colourful design of the bottles embody the independent characteristics that make Soho unique, reflecting the arts, flamboyance, and hedonism of this vibrant and dazzling district.

Sean Wilkinson, the Owner of Hangar 7, said: "With a meticulous thematic approach, we curated products aligning seamlessly with both visual aesthetics and uncompromising quality. Selecting The King of Soho for our sleek back bar was a natural decision, as its distinctive bottles perfectly complement our spaceship-inspired freight container bar.

"The exceptional quality of the liquids, particularly in our cocktails, made the decision even more straightforward. We eagerly anticipate the reception of both our unique beverages and the venue itself in the coming months."

Alex Robson, CEO of The King of Soho, said: "We are thrilled to be chosen by Hangar 7, bringing our spirits to an even wider audience. This distinctively different venue is for guests who appreciate the finer things in life as well as something unusual and delicious. Our gins and our vodka are a perfect fit with that hospitality ethos. As a northerner myself, I am especially proud that this fascinating new northern venue has partnered with our brand."

The King of Soho is distributed in the UK by JBE Imports.


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