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Benefits of Buying Wine from Independent Wine Merchants

There are many benefits to buying wine from independent boutique wine merchants. Their selections are handpicked and tried and tested. The indies are also not bound to sell wines from the bigger wine producers and can select wines produced using better environmental considerations. Many smaller wine merchants will also offer flexibility in quantities purchased by bars, pubs, and restaurants, can provide more information on the vineyards, and offer undiscovered gems to excite customers. 

One such boutique wine merchant is Bacchus Wines PLDC. The independent UK-based wine merchant offers joyful and affordable wines to the UK hospitality industry. The collection is small yet perfectly handpicked by the founders. The wines are selected on merit and never dictated by trends. They showcase family-run vineyards that have been producing quality wine for decades. Bacchus Wines offers top-quality, award-winning, beautiful wines at prices that venues can appreciate. As well as managing all imports and customs, their consultancy can provide wine tastings, advice on food pairing and significant discounts for businesses that sign up for trade accounts.

Unlike the larger wine merchants, Bacchus Wines PLDC have simplified the wine-selling business for hospitality venues. Having worked in hospitality for decades, they know what drinkers and diners will enjoy. Their range constantly evolves, and they are not tied to a particular vineyard. Adding new choice vintages and limited editions, they're convinced your customers will enjoy their wine offer. 

As well as their personal approach to selling wine, they offer the following services:

• Great prices;

• Wine tastings;

• Significant discounts;

• Online accounts;

• Handling of all shipping & logistics from vineyards;

• Decades of experience in hospitality;

• Help with food & wine pairing;

• Sourcing rare wines;

• The option to buy smaller quantities.

If your customers enjoy top-quality wine with provenance from winemakers who respect the terroir and the environment, get in touch. They offer discounts to venues all over the UK. Wine is sold in cases of six bottles, and their consultancy can also source rare and unique wines. 

Visit their website if you're after good prices with solid markup potential. And if you want to book a wine tasting to discover just how good their wine range is, Bacchus Wines want to hear from you!

Find out more here:

Or call on: 0845 500 1040


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