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Mezcal cocktails from Rooster RojoFestive Elegance

Rooster Rojo Mezcal, the keenly awaited new Mezcal, is now available in the UK through its distributor Amber Beverage UK.

The brand, wholly owned by Amber Beverage Group, is a perfectly balanced, high-quality premium liquid, suitable for top bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels.

This is a high-end liquid that, as a guide, will command an RRP of around £45 per 70cl bottle, which is a very reasonable price for a Mezcal of such excellence.

Agave spirits are on a significant upward trajectory, and Rooster Rojo Mezcal offers an expanded opportunity to sell agave spirits and bring more consumers into the category. Mezcal is artisanal, ultra-premium spirit and, enriched with smoky flavours very much on-trend, this Mezcal is an important new entrant into a fast-growing category that helps venues add another dimension to their menus. 

The Global Brand Ambassador for Rooster Rojo Mezcal, Ansis Ancovs, has been inspired by this finely made new liquid and has created two delicious recipes to help your venue elevate your cocktail offering this festive season.

The launch brings to six the number of Rooster Rojo expressions.

The range comprises:

• Blanco (38% ABV)

• Reposado (38% ABV)

• Añejo (38% ABV)

• Smoked Pineapple (38% ABV)

• Ahumado (40% ABV)

• Mezcal (43% ABV)

Oaxacan Maria


• 60ml Rooster Rojo Mezcal

• 140ml Clamato juice

• 10ml Valentina sauce

• 5ml Fresh lime juice

• 10ml Ancho Reyes Liqueur

• 5ml Soy sauce

• 1 piece Cinnamon stick


Garnish the rim of a chilled

glass with Mexican salt mix

and Tajin. Combine all the

ingredients in a shaker, shake

well, and fine strain into a

tall glass filled with ice.

Mezcal Mango



• 45ml Rooster Rojo Mezcal

• 15ml Mango liqueur

• 10ml Mango purée

• 20ml Fresh lime juice

• 5ml Agave nectar


Shake all ingredients in a

shaker with ice, shake and

then fine strain into Coupe

glass. Garnish with a slice

of mango and Mexican

spice mix.

For UK trade sales inquiries, existing Rooster Rojo customers should contact your ABUK representative or for new customers: 

Season’s greetings to all readers of Venue Insight


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