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Leeds’s Craziest Bar Creates Cocktail Bathtub

Located on thriving party street Call Lane, Leeds bar Cuckoo openly describes itself as a ‘little bit crazy’ – known for its colourful neon décor, adventurous cocktails and free pizzas.

Guests visiting today may (or may not) be surprised to be greeted with a giant bathtub full of the bar’s famous Quackiri cocktail. Cuckoo has announced that they are inviting people to grab a straw and help themselves.

The full-size tub will contain all of the ingredients in their much-loved Quackiri cocktail, including pink gin, strawberry puree, lemon juice, foaming bitters – and a rubber duck, of course.

James Phillips, General Manager at Cuckoo, commented: “Our Quackiris are one of our most popular cocktails and always go down a treat with the crowds. What could be better than creating a giant tub of our delicious drink!

“This is a one-off creation, so make sure you waddle down to Cuckoo, grab a straw, and simply help yourself all day. What better way to celebrate that Friday feeling?”


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