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It’s Brand-New Era for Strongbow®

* Strongbow heroes the Great British pubs’ workforce with its ‘Take a Bow’ On-Trade competition, calling on pub operators to celebrate their staff by nominating one of their employees who embodies everyday greatness.

* Strongbow has launched Strongbow® ULTRA Dark Fruit, a 4% ABV cider containing 95 calories per slim 330ml, into the on-trade which is already worth £5.2m in retail sales value in the Off-Trade

* Strongbow has launched its biggest-ever redesign on the Strongbow® brand, heralding a new era for the market-leading cider with a modern and eye-catching design including new founts and glassware.

This summer, the UK’s number-one-selling cider brand[1], Strongbow, will hero the Great British pubs’ workforce with its first-ever ‘Take a Bow’ campaign. Strongbow will encourage pub operators to celebrate their staff to ‘Take A Bow’ by nominating one of their employees who embodies everyday greatness.

From the team member who always goes above and beyond to talk to the regulars, the one who delights in cleaning the drip trays or a colleague who makes the best impressions to entertain during a long shift, we want operators to show off what great things their staff do to bring a smile on everyone’s face. Four winners will be announced throughout the summer on Strongbow’s social channels, with winners receiving their own limited-edition apple ‘Take a Bow’ badge and gift box with Strongbow branded merchandise, along with a £200 gift card. The pubs with the winning staff will also receive free stock and glassware for taking part.

Rachel Holms, Heineken UK cider brand director, said: “This year we have launched a new campaign for Strongbow which says cheers to everyday greatness; the simple, down-to-earth and joyful greatness that can be seen just about everywhere if you know how to look for it. We know that pubs, at the heart of British culture, are full of everyday flair. We are excited that through this promotion, we will help shine a light on the amazing people found within hospitality and reinforce that the pub trade is a fun and engaging place to work.”

In addition, Strongbow has launched Strongbow® ULTRA Dark Fruit, a 4% ABV cider containing 95 calories per slim 330ml, into the on-trade. The launch of Strongbow® ULTRA Dark Fruit into the on-trade will offer a real opportunity to drive value and help to future-proof the cider category.

Available in 330ml cans, the alternative serve options can be adapted to suit any outlet, with venues having the opportunity to save up to £2,225 ​each year by stocking Strongbow® ULTRA Dark Fruit [1].

Holms continues: “Strongbow® Ultra Dark Fruit has already proved it can bring new shoppers to the brand and its introduction in the on-trade allows operators to offer drinkers a fresh, lower calorie cider option with no compromise on taste. As well as this, the new design not only resonates with, and engages our existing loyal consumer base, but appeals to new cider and existing Strongbow drinkers.”

Strongbow has also unveiled its biggest redesign in a generation, providing a modern, eye-catching, and elevated look. Strongbow is committed to revitalising the cider category, and this exciting rebrand is an opportunity to re-engage a younger audience and bring attention back to the cider category. Strongbow has introduced a new stripped-back design across its packaging and bar equipment, retaining the iconic archer visual, but revitalising the look with vibrant pops of colour. Strongbow’s new draught pump designs and POS will also roll-out to operators across the summer.

Nominations for the ‘Take A Bow’ competition can be made here ( by 18th September 2023. Strongbow will reach out to winners individually ahead of announcing them on their social platforms.

[1] CGA OPMS 10.11.22, Kantar WPO Alcovision, Sep 22


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