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Home Nation Games Lift Average Spend, Occupancy and Dwell Time

Jack Wignall, Category Development Manager at HEINEKEN UK comments: “It’s great to see the positive impact the England football team’s performance is having on pubs - both from a sales and overall occasion perspective. For home nation matches, we’ve seen consumers’ average dwell time rise by 14 minutes – time to get that extra drink at the bar! In fact, there is an opportunity to grow pub beer and cider sales by over £500 during upcoming England matches[1]. As we approach the big game on Saturday night, our advice is to ‘show it, see it, hear it’. Occupancy increases by 31% simply by showing the game. Move screens to the most visible locations and make sure the commentary can be heard to create the right atmosphere for fans. There are still sales for the taking – before, during and after the match – offering a great opportunity for pubs as the nation comes together.”

Additional match day analysis from HEINEKEN UK also revealed:

· 136 extra pints sold per pub on home nation match days[2]

· World lager sales increase by 181% on home nation match days[3]

· Pre- and post-match periods are just as important as the actual match[4]

· Consumer dwell time increased by 14 minutes during home nation games[5]

· Outlet occupancy increased by 31% during home nation games[6]

· Sales increased by £425 on average during home nation games[7]

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