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Elevating Guest Experiences Through Bespoke Solutions With YourParkingSpace

In the world of hospitality and event management, every guest's journey begins with a first impression, and oftentimes, that impression is made in the car park. As the landscape of consumer preferences continues to evolve, venues are met with the challenge of delivering seamless, touch-free experiences that align with the expectations of today's discerning customers.

Recognising the pivotal role that parking plays in the overall guest experience, YourParkingSpace has positioned itself to be at the forefront of revolutionising the industry. With over 5 million people registered on the site looking for a place to park, the opportunity for venues to increase revenue streams by providing a high-quality service is now right on the front door.

A Changing Landscape

From luxurious resorts to boutique hotels, from grand event spaces to intimate venues, the car park serves as the gateway to every guest's journey. Yet, despite its crucial role, the traditional parking landscape often falls short of meeting the evolving expectations of today's patrons. Crowded car parks, long queues, outdated payment systems, and limited transparency have marred first impressions, leading to a ripple effect that impacts overall satisfaction and revenue potential.

This seemingly mundane aspect of guest interactions holds the key to unlocking a realm of opportunities, and it is here that venues should look to innovative solutions to improve that first impression customers are given upon arriving on the site.

As customers now seek a seamless transaction when they arrive at their destination, whether a large or small site, venues should be considering what parking solutions are at hand to increase that experience.

Parking for everyone

From large groups to the smaller boutique venue, parking matters, and YourParkingSpace has placed proposing bespoke solutions for venues at the forefront of its client offering.

One such customer, LGH Hotels Management, an award-winning hotel management company operating popular hotels such as Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn and Best Western at 36 different sites, started working with YourParkingSpace back in 2018. Faced with optimising its parking for a diverse set of user groups, including venues placed within bustling city centres such as Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC and Holiday Inn Cardiff City Centre, they were tasked with enhancing the guest satisfaction while maximising revenue potential.

To help cater for varying requirements of the different user segments, YourParkingSpace introduced touchscreen cashless kiosks for guests, enabling seamless and hassle-free transactions. Meanwhile, specific QR code validation methods were employed for conference room guests and restaurant patrons, ensuring a more tailored approach was applied to minimise disruptions.

What’s more, they also deployed a smart analytics dashboard, tailored for each individual venue and the head office, which provided real-time data insights, revenue performance assessments, and occupancy trends, even delving into electric vehicle (EV) usage, a critical factor in the current net-zero landscape.

The results? LGH reported estate-wide revenue growth and an improvement in its customer journey, as well as implementing new EV solutions at Holiday Inn Brentwood and The Queen at Chester Hotel.

However, parking success is not only to be had at large, chain event venues, with Imperial Hotels being another example of how YourParkingSpace utilised its parking solutions to increase the guest experience. With 105 spaces available at one of its two sites, the venue managers contacted YourParkingSpace in November 2022, with the remit to improve the customer journey, reduce internal administration and increase revenue.

After installing its Intelligent Parking Solution, which transformed Imperial Hotel’s parking into a fully connected hub, YourParkingSpace once again set up its various, seamless payment options for both guests and non-guests. It also installed ANPR systems that ensured spaces were protected from abuse and fully utilised. This, crucially, helped free staff up from dealing with people using the site incorrectly. Finally, access to YourParkingSpace’s industry-leading marketplace meant Imperial Hotels were able to tap into another valuable revenue stream.

Since installation, Imperial Hotels has already noted an increase in occupancy at its car park, including significant success during busy event days in the area. Staff have also recognised the extra time they now have to deliver quality front-of-house customer experiences, rather than deal with car park queries.

First-class services which deliver results

In an industry where space is often limited and customer satisfaction stands as a priority, the challenge of optimising parking experiences has become a pivotal concern for venues large and small. Striking a balance between revenue optimisation and ensuring seamless guest journeys can be a daunting endeavour. However, as exemplified by the innovative partnerships between YourParkingSpace and both LGH Hotel Management and Imperial Hotels, bespoke parking solutions have emerged as a winning choice in guiding venues towards unrivalled success.

Grant Robbins

As the hospitality landscape evolves, so does the customer experience. The importance of curating exceptional experiences is accentuated by Grant Robbins, Head of Account Management at YourParkingSpace, who shares, "One thing we pride ourselves on is the first-class client management we provide, and always striving to improve and enhance our service across all our clients wherever possible."

"It is fantastic to see the growth and relationship develop with LGH and Imperial Hotels over recent times from proving concept when first working with them, to now managing across their estates, and showing fantastic growth as well."

To find out how you can increase the customer’s experience upon arrival at your venue, as well as unlocking extra revenue streams, simply scan the QR code or contact:


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