Brockmans Gin Launches Miniatures Format - Baby Brockmans is Born

Brockmans Gin, famed for its tactile black bottle, is launching a miniature, 5cl bottle. The bottle is an exact replica of the stylish 70cl and 50cl containers.

With an RRP of £4, the Brockmans miniature is being made available to retailers and is also ideal for the premium hospitality sector and for upscale travel outlets including trainlines, airlines, and shipping.

The brand anticipates UK online sales to be strong, especially via Amazon and 31 and will also sell the 5cl bottles on its ecommerce site

Rob McArdle, Marketing Controller of Brockmans Gin, said: "Brockmans Gin is a highly differentiated, contemporary spirit which, when it launched, defied gin conventions and which has gone on to great success worldwide due to its enormous success amongst discerning drinkers across fifty-five countries. Our traditionally non-traditional gin features dark berries including juniper, blueberries and blackberries".

The bottles will be available in counter-top display packaging containing.

For UK sales, contact Amber Beverage UK/Cellar Trends:

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