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Backyard Cinema Reopens Capital Studios With Two Immersive Cinemas, Street-Food Garden and Studio Ba

‘The home of immersive cinema’ is now open! Following its two complimentary screenings for NHS workers, Backyard Cinema is open to the public for the first time since lockdown began. Completely redesigning the cinema seating plan and reducing capacity, ticket holders will once again be transported to new and exciting worlds while rediscovering favourite films.

It's not just these otherworldly cinematic adventures that are open, but Capital Studios as well. The recently converted TV studios will offer drinking and dining spaces both indoors; The Studio Bar with live music, cocktails on tap and its award-winning artisan pizzas and outdoors; The Yard, for outside socialising and the welcome return of two of London’s most coveted street food vendors, Honest Burgers and Mother Clucker.

Customers will venture through the magical wardrobe, finding themselves in an enchanted forest, with mystery around every corner, uncovering the story of the Lost Theatre: overgrown and abandoned, blooming now with new life. With brand new surprises, new and exciting themed cocktails and double the space inside of the cinema it is set to be a special and magical adventure

The Snow Kingdom: Opens 16th October (On Sale Soon)

Hidden deep inside Dr Portelli's Curiosity Shop you might uncover a secret entrance to The Snow Kingdom. If you are brave enough to venture through this mysterious passage you will find the magical ice Kingdom filled with wondrous marvels to behold and, well, giant beanbags. Attendees of last year's adventure will fondly remember the ‘magical ball pit river’ which, for obvious safety reasons, has now been replaced with an actual river - yes, with real actual water.

Dominic Davies, Founder and Creative Director at Backyard Cinema says: "The most important thing for us is making sure it is the same Backyard Cinema despite social distancing, we are waiting until September to reopen as we were not prepared to provide a substandard product during these times no matter the cost. We have made some massive changes in order to reopen; removing half the seats in the cinema, brand new training for everyone and completely redesigning our immersive adventures. We are really confident that people are going to love it though and plus, think of all the extra leg room in the cinema! We just feel very lucky to be able to welcome customers back and can't wait for them to have fun with us again." Capital Studios: Open now The newly converted TV Studios is the home of immersive cinema, but also famous street food, live music, multiple bars and can be enjoyed without a cinema ticket. With new one way systems, protective shields on bars and food traders, along with brand new seating and track and trace systems, the venue promises to provide the same relaxed atmosphere, amazing food by Mother Clucker and Honest Burger, drinks on tap and handcrafted, while keeping customers safe.

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