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Crazy Golf Kings ‘Plonk’ Are Launching the Plonk at Home Challenge - Build Unique Home Built Holes,

To keep the summer hopes alive and to keep putters Plonking until then, Plonk has come up with a simple, fun and elegant solution to support parents and adults at home. The aim is to keep people's bandwidth addiction down and force people's creativity in this time of need. People of all ages can Plonk at home using bits and bobs from around the house. Each week Plonk will be releasing videos, design packs, and LIVE lessons for people to make mini-golf courses out of upcycled materials in the home all whilst raising money for Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund.

People who join the campaign will be able to upload videos of them and the mini-golf course creations to Plonk's social feeds to win prizes each week, and the chance to have their creation made out of wood in the Plonk Camden Market venue. Make sure to #PLONKATHOME

Each edition will come with a new info pack on how to make another new obstacle, a new video, access to new online content, teaching aids, materials lists, a scorecard, design sheets and email invites to the live streaming lessons. Plonk has made sure that the necessary tools and materials can be found in anyone’s home with indoor designs, made from card, up-cycled materials, tape, staples, scissors and a bit of smarts. Blue Peter style; all made up of up-cycled materials you can find in the home. Maybe that Pringles tube is finished now and it would make for a great tunnel, or that pizza box is lying around and could make for a great jump!

The Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund offers practical, financial and emotional support to the whole family through our range of projects. The caring teams office ensure that the families have the help and support they need to get through the problems and stresses that cancer brings. Further information HERE. Each £5 Plonk Membership Purchase includes:

Regular Downloadable design pack for 9 holes over the coming weeks. Access to video lessons on how to make a mini-golf course Invite to the Live lesson streams on zoom Discount voucher for tickets down the line Access to the weekly prize giveaways 50% of profits will go towards Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund

This summer Plonk are back with another 9 hole creation, perched looking over London, from the beautiful Horniman Museum and Gardens. The 9 hole family-friendly course is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the south London sun. Unfortunately due to the recent COV-19 outbreak we have postponed our opening for later in the year.

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