BII’s Call to Government for Support and Message to Members

Message to members, from BII Chief Operating Officer, Steven Alton.

We find ourselves in an unprecedented situation, both as human beings and businesses. Your BII team have no doubts on the severity of the challenge that our members are facing and are clear on the role we have to play as the next few days and weeks unfold.

We, along with all colleagues from industry bodies are united in our call for the following support from Government:

  1. An urgent rescue package for pubs and other hospitality businesses and suppliers, similar to that given to banks in the 2008 financial crisis,

  2. A guarantee to pay the wages of all employees working in pubs and hospitality.

  3. Rent, duty, VAT and business rate cancellations for all breweries, pubs and suppliers for six months

As a membership body, our priority is providing support for our members and we are doing this with the help of our partners running the vital Legal, Employment, Tax and Rates helplines as well as those who provide business services to members.

We have spent the last few days talking to all stakeholders across the sector; suppliers, landlords and professional bodies to ensure they are doing everything they can to help pubs in this critical time. We firmly believe that help will be forthcoming and it is encouraging to see some of the sectors largest suppliers taking positive action.

We will continue to provide clear and actionable information to our members to support them in the difficult decisions ahead.

We as a team will now be working remotely, but will still be providing support via our normal channels. Our website is being updated hour by hour so please go to for up-to-date information on Coronavirus and ideas on how to alleviate the impact on your business as we navigate through these uncertain times.

Steven Alton,

Chief Operating Officer, BII

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