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Zero but a Hero – Vimto Out of Home Launches Sugar-Free Slush

Slush lovers around the UK can now enjoy their frozen drinks guilt-free as Vimto Out of Home launches zero sugar variants of its two most popular Starslush flavours – Strawberry and Blue Raspberry.

The UK’s favourite uncarbonated slush brand will roll out Starslush Zero from Easter in selected venues, with the sugar-free flavours becoming more widely available later in the summer.

With sugar still firmly on the health agenda, demand for reduced sugar and sugar free options across a range of soft drinks categories, including frozen beverages, is increasing. All Starslush drinks are sugar levy exempt, with Starslush Zero designed to offer even more choice, while still maintaining the same great taste.

Starslush Zero’s sugar-free recipe, which contains real fruit juice and no artificial flavours, underwent consumer testing to ensure the deliciously refreshing product experience wasn’t compromised. Results showed none of the participants could tell the drink was zero sugar, with 85% rating the sweetness ‘just right’.

Senior Brand Manager Alex Lund, Vimto Out of Home said: “We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled choice through our Starslush brand. The tastebud-tantilising flavour portfolio includes everything from watermelon-flavoured Unicorn to our very own Vimto, so it made sense to broaden the options further with a zero sugar range.”

The launch of Starslush Zero will be supported with eye-catching in venue POS and social activity throughout the summer.

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