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Snack Revolution Gets Their Hound Inn

Get Your Hound Inn Ltd has announced that Snacks Revolution Ltd has agreed a deal to distribute their range of Pub Grub for Dogs.

This marks a move by Get Your Hound Inn to expand its product distribution to the existing customer base that Snack Revolution already trades with.

Get Your Hound Inn manufactures a unique dog treat, designed specifically for the pub and licensed trade, which are delivered on a ‘pub card’ and can be hung conveniently behind the bar like regular snacks and peanuts. Get Your Hound Inn is a tasty chicken flavoured treat, infused with salmon oil to tempt all noses and costs just small change from a pint.

“We are excited to open our doors to Snack Revolution large customer base. It is also our first real step into the South of the country allowing us the opportunity to offer our product to a wider audience. This will create a convenient way to buy our product online along with the other great snacks that Snack Revolution have on offer. This is also another great step to becoming a distributor led product line.”, said Louise Bezyk, CEO of Get Your Hound Inn.

Just in time for the Spring walking season, it’s estimated that the pet snack market is worth £500m, pubs welcoming man’s best friend experience an uplift in business and an improved atmosphere, according to a recent survey carried out by CAMRA and The Kennel Club.

Mark Feehan, Director of Snacks Revolution commented, “We are excited to bring this innovative product to our existing customer base, as many of our customers are dog friendly, this is an excellent way to be able to welcome our four-legged friends into our dog friendly customers venues”.

Get Your Hound Inn is manufactured and packaged in the UK and designed to avoid giving dogs dangerous salty human snacks. It is designed to be healthy yet extremely tasty and has an RRP of £1.50.

Snack Revolution have worked hard in their pledge to becoming a national wholesaler for what is the best collection of bar snacks in the UK today. They now work alongside a few specialist nut producers and seasoning experts who really love pub snacks and crafting snacks designed for the pub trade. They also produce meats, chocolates and savoury snacks all under the Snack Revolution brand. They now offer the best bar snacks in the UK today, as frequently mentioned by industry experts and their loyal customers.

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