Leading Soft Drinks Company, Nexba, Release New Kombucha in UK

Following the release of their sparkling waters in 2019, leading Australian soft drinks brand, Nexba, has released another product with its range of revolutionary Kombucha drinks to the UK, cementing their position as thought leaders and innovators in the naturally sugar-free soft drinks industry. Nexba’s new range of Kombucha proves that gut health and great taste can go hand in hand. Available in three flavours - Strawberry & Peach, Elderflower & Lemon and Mixed Berry, with fourth flavour Rose Lemonade arriving soon - the soft drink boasts of probiotics and is made using the globally patented 'Nexba Natural Sweetener Blend', which allows each drink to be completely sugar-free and contain nothing artificial, yet retain its bold, and fruity flavours. Nexba’s Kombucha range contains zero alcohol and is without the strong vinegar taste commonly found in other kombucha products on the market, setting this to be a UK consumer favourite. The range is part of the company’s ongoing agenda to tackle diabetes and obesity and improve gut health in the UK. In 2019, Nexba removed over 1000 tonnes of sugar from Australian diets and looks to build on this success in the UK in 2020 - helping Britons to be healthier and happier.

With no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, GMO free, no alcohol and just 0.2g carbohydrates per serving, Nexba’s brand new probiotic Kombucha soft drinks are great tasting and available nationwide in over 400 Sainsburys stores. Sold in 1 litre bottles, Nexba Kombucha retail’s at £2.50. Nexba Kombucha is also available in 4x330ml glass bottle multipacks, which retail at £4.00. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink made with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts that is loaded with probiotics, which have a positive effect on your gut and support a healthy digestive system. Studies also show that our gut is linked to our brain, helping promote good mental health. The probiotic strains found in kombucha help ease symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and stress whilst improving mood by regulating brain chemistry and aiding the systems connected to stress and memory function. The release of their Kombucha, therefore, is another step for Nexba in their journey to improve the overall health of Britons.

The Nexba Natural Sweetener Blend The secret of Nexba’s great taste is the brand’s patented natural sweetener - which was far from an overnight success story. Six years in the making, Nexba Natural Sweetener Blend is the brainchild of Aussie boys Troy Douglas and Drew Bilbe that resulted from a shared passion to create a natural, healthy drink that tasted just as good as the sugary or artificial ones. The hard work paid off, and Nexba is now the number one naturally sugar free soft drinks brand in Australia, with the blend going into all of their delicious products. Last year alone, Nexba helped remove over 1000 tonnes of sugar from the diets of Australian people - but their mission is far from over. The boys are passionate about tackling obesity, diabetes and gut health in the UK, too. Nexba kicked things off in the UK with their Sparkling Mineral Waters, which are currently available in 550 Sainsburys stores across the country. All-natural, 100% vegan and low calorie, the range of three flavours are created with no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no GMO ingredients and no caffeine - instead using the globally patented Nexba Natural Sweetener Blend and natural flavours to create a soft drink that is bursting with sweetness and has epic taste but without the ‘nasties’. For more information, visit: www.nexba.com/

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