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Hotels Need to Meet Demand for Pet-Friendly Holidays

New research[1]conducted by Almarose Hotels & Resorts, the leading hotel management company, has found that 94% of Brits surveyed are more likely to book a staycation with a hotel that can accommodate their dogs.

Of those surveyed, 89% said they feel that it’s more convenient to bring their four-legged family members away with them, rather than arranging a kennel stay.

In terms of paying for their dog-friendly getaway, 64% of people said that they expected to pay up to £20 a night to take their canine chums away with them, while only 17% of people expected to do so for free. 5% of those surveyed said that they were willing to pay any amount of money, provided that their dog could accompany them on their staycation.

In exchange for their payment, an overwhelming majority of respondents (93%) wanted the hotel to have enough green space for walks, while others wanted additional extras to be provided, such as dog treats at reception and beds available in the rooms.

Stephen Bench, Divisional Director at Almarose Hotels & Resorts said: “We understand how important it is that hotels stay ahead of consumer trends, in order to provide their guests with the best possible experience. Staycations are very much on the rise and, with an estimated 6.7m households in the UK owning a dog[2], it’s important that hotels are reassessing the ways that they can accommodate their guests’ furry friends.”

He continued: “Our research has shown how valuable open spaces are to make a dog getaway as enjoyable as possible. Many of our hotels have acres of grounds, so we encourage guests and their dogs to explore these together, giving them recommendations on the best walks on offer. Even if hotels don’t happen to have these open spaces, they can still cater for this growing customer base through providing little extras, such as having dog beds in the room and treats available at reception.”

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[1] Survey of 280 British consumers carried out by Almarose Hotels & Resorts in November 2019.

[2] UK Pet Manufacturer’s Association, 2018.

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