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Air Agents Rebrands to Nestor As Business Focus Evolves

AirAgents, previously a London Airbnb property management company, has rebranded as ‘Nestor’ to reflect its evolving and expanding business and services in the B2B short-stay sector.

Established in 2015, AirAgents offered landlords and homeowners who let their property via Airbnb an exceptional property management service and outstanding guest experiences. The business – now known as Nestor – has broadened into offering this service across a range of alternative accommodation markets, particularly focusing on the serviced apartment and student accommodation sector, with distribution across multiple channels.

Fran Milsom, co-founder and director of Nestor, comments: “Our business has evolved so much since 2015 that it made sense to change the name and rebrand to reflect this. Although we continue to work with Airbnb as one of its preferred partners globally, our focus is now on the business to business sector.

“Nestor is the name of TinTin’s butler and as our business is based on service, we thought the name was a good fit. It also works for international markets which is important as we begin to break into new countries. As our business is all about people, it made sense to drop the “Agents” reference – we are not an agent, we are a partner.

“This is a very exciting and pivotal time for our business, so we are delighted to reflect it with a strong brand. Of course, we continue to provide the personal touch and community spirit that stems from the original ethos of Airbnb and the way in which people are now choosing to travel.”

Nestor is currently managing over 500 privately owned apartments, 400 serviced apartments and 2,000 student rooms, with plans to significantly expand on this in 2020 and beyond.

Fran adds: “In particular, there are huge opportunities to create a more personalised and experience-led provision in the serviced apartment sector which has a reputation for being fairly soulless. Student accommodation that is left empty for weeks whilst students vacate for the holidays is also ideal for the short-stay sector, and an area in which we are seeing significant growth.”

For further information, please call Nestor on 020 3868 6178 or visit

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