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Brockmans Gin Secures Three Prestigious On-Premise Listings; Punch Pubs, Peach Pubs and Admiral Tave

Brockmans Gin has secured three prestigious on-premise listings through its UK distributor, Cellar Trends. The stockists are Punch Pubs, Peach Pubs and Admiral Taverns.

Punch Pubs is featuring Brockmans Gin on its drinks menu in all of their 160 managed outlets over the next 6 months. The super-premium gin will also be available to the rest of their estate throughout the UK.

Peach Pubs is listing Brockmans across all 19 sites as well as in the G&T section of the drinks menu.

Admiral Taverns is stocking the brand in 91 venues and UK Brand Ambassador for Brockmans Gin, Mike Whatmough, has trained the in-house team enabling them to understand what makes this spirit distinctively different from other gins on the market.

Neil Everitt, CEO of Brockmans Gin, said: "Consumers who know their gin brands love Brockmans because of its distinctive blueberry and blackberry notes. For those who don't (yet) know how delicious gin can be, Brockmans is much loved by bartenders as a highly accessible and yet fascinating gin.

"We are excited to be able to bring our brand to an even wider audience through these three very impressive pub groups. Brockmans is perfect in a G&T. However, it is also versatile and so smooth that you can drink it just with ice or mixed with other ingredients to create exciting contemporary or classic cocktails".

For more information about stocking Brockmans Gin contact Cellar Trends on 01283 217703.

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