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Cineworld Announces New ICEE Partnership With Vimto Out of Home

Cineworld has agreed a new partnership with Vimto Out of Home to provide its UK and European cinemas with carbonated frozen slush brand ICEE. The launch will be supported by a widespread awareness campaign with three flavours of ICEE available in Cineworld cinemas across the country: Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Vimto.

Vimto Out of Home is the leading supplier of frozen drinks in the UK, while ICEE is the world’s leading frozen beverage brand, selling more than 500 million cups a year.

ICEE is already found in 558 of Cineworld Groups Regal Cinemas. The new agreement will see the brand introduced into Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland for the first time. It will also extend further into selected European territories over the next year.

As part of the UK launch, the brand has invested heavily in in-foyer digital advertising along with on-screen cinema advertising. A new positioning and look, which plays up to the en-vogue Americana trend and American sense of humour, will be used throughout the creative.

Charles Watts, Head of Retail, Cineworld, says: “We are delighted to announce this group extension of our partnership with ICEE through Vimto – it’s an exciting strategic development for us. We are pleased to offer one of the world’s leading frozen beverage brands among a variety of other drink options to ensure customers can enjoy their favourite drink while watching a film.”

Nick Yates, Sales & Operations Director, Vimto Out of Home said: “More and more people are looking for an experience when they eat and drink outside the home. There’s no sensation like slush, and we’re seeing a real boom in the demand for frozen drinks. In fact, we sold more than 40 million cups of frozen slush last year alone.

“Together with Cineworld, we’re excited to bring the iconic ICEE brand to their UK and European theatres – and are confident we can replicate the success ICEE has had elsewhere in the world here.”

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