Maidaid Halcyon Unveil Newest Line of Utensil and Pot-Washers

Maidaid Halcyon is delighted to announce the launch of the UT Range, its latest line of innovative utensil and pot-washers built for the catering market.

Available from August 2019, Maidaid Halcyon has developed this new portfolio of products with efficiency, reliability and perfect wash results in mind. The equipment will be suited to all catering applications and sectors and can be ideally placed in restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, public houses, supermarket, bakeries and more.

Maidaid Halcyon is committed to continuous research, development and product innovation - the features and benefits of the UT Range mirror this commitment and drive to deliver more to the end-user.

The comprehensive range of models offer an ideal solution for the washing of products used in food preparation and is built for ease of use.

Sales Director, Julian Lambert, from Maidaid Halcyon, said: “The UT Range comes with a polychromatic LCD display and user interface, giving an uncomplicated machine status with a four-button control. This display offers so much to the user, with the entire screen changing colour according to the machine status, whether that’s heating, cycle, ready or alarm mode, making it so much easier to understand.”

The model is also easy to maintain, with a composite quick-release wash and rinse combination arm, which is available on the UT61e and UT61 models and allows for maximum hygiene levels and extended product lifecycle.

Energy savings are a key part of the new UT Range, Julian said: “A factory-fitted heat recovery module is available on all of our models to enable 30% power savings when rinse water is being heated. In addition, this heat recovery module will greatly improve the environmental impact and will almost completely eliminate the steam released upon the door being opened, which will drastically improve the working environment.

“A patented dual flow wash pump is also fitted to reduce power consumption whilst retaining wash efficiency, which can result in energy savings of up to 20%.”

A full range of accessories are available and are designed to hold and present equipment such as mixer bowls, chopping boards, baking trays, gastronorm GN 1/1, utensils and food processing items, at the ideal angle for best results.

To find out more about the new UT Range from Maidaid Halcyon, visit, emails or call 0345 130 8070.

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