John Smith’s Has Surveyed Publicans and Pubgoers to Discover the Staples of the Great British Pub

  • New CGA data shows that removing John Smith’s from the bar not only loses your John Smith’s volume, but also loses another 136 pints per week of total draught, a potential loss of up to £25k a year[2]

  • Rather than choose an alternative, loyal John Smith’s drinkers are likely to leave an outlet and choose a pub that does stock their favourite ale, often taking their mates who may drink other options such as premium lager or cider with them

  • In response to this, John Smith’s has surveyed the UK’s publicans and punters to reveal the staples of the Great British Pub which, much like John Smith’s, drive significant value so should never be removed

  • Most valued by operators was a decent pint, television and pool table[3], while, for consumers, friendly staff, good food and a great atmosphere scored highly[4]

  • John Smith’s has transformed these findings into a series of humorous videos, dramatising the removal of these pub staples and the resulting impact, watch here

John Smith’s, the nation’s best-selling ale, has revealed new data showing that removing John Smith’s from the bar can lose your loyal drinkers, ultimately resulting in not only the loss of their John Smith’s volume, but a loss of another 136 pints per week - the equivalent to £25K in sales lost per year[5]. This is due to the loyalty of the classic ale drinker who, when visiting a pub that does not stock classic ale, will not only leave to go to a pub that does, but will also take their friends with them, some of whom may be purchasing drinks other than classic ale.

In response to this latest insight, John Smith’s has surveyed the nation’s publicans and their punters to reveal the staples of the Great British local which, much like John Smith’s, drive significant value. Most valued by publicans was, of course, a decent pint, however, a television, pool table, and bar snacks also scored highly[6]. For consumers, friendly bar staff, good food and a large beer garden were the key elements making up their perfect pub[7]. Although often taken for granted, these pub classics are considered the cornerstone of the Great British pub by both operators and consumers.

Of the 229 landlords surveyed, 67% were current John Smith’s stockists, with 87% having stocked it for three years or more[8]. Respondents commented that removing John Smith’s from their bar would be “disastrous”, resulting in ‘declining sales’ as they consider there to be “no alternative” given its loyal following and its position as the number one classic ale in the UK. Others also predicted a “loss of custom” both from John Smith’s fans and their wider group of drinkers.

Richard Barnes, Marketing Manager for John Smith’s at HEINEKEN comments; “Much like the Great British local, John Smith’s holds a special place in the hearts of British pub goers. Classic keg ale has a hugely loyal base of drinkers who will leave an outlet if they can’t find their regular pint of John Smith’s on the bar, which our research shows equates to a significant £25k a year in sales lost per week. Similar to the classic pub staples revealed in our survey - the television, pool table and bar snacks - John Smith’s remains one of the staples of the Great British local that help increase dwell time and encourage repeat purchase.”

The removal of these essentials of the Great British Pub has been dramatised by John Smith’s in a series of tongue-in-cheek videos, showcasing the reaction of pub goers when their favourite pub staple is removed, alongside them being denied a pint of John Smith’s which has been removed from the bar. Without exception, the result is the consumer leaving the pub, which is the reality for the numerous landlords who are removing this much-loved classic from their outlets.

Check out the latest John Smith’s Pub Life videos here.

Thinking about stocking or relisting John Smith’s on your bar? Contact your local sales representative or visit HEINEKEN Direct today.

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