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Maltsmiths Rolls Out ‘Have a Lager on Us’ Initiative

This month, Maltsmiths kicks off its “Have a lager on us” through the line (TTL) campaign, encouraging consumers to enjoy a pint of Maltsmiths for free. Rolling out in the on-trade across England, the campaign will encourage mass trial, with over one million consumers expected to redeem the offer.

Part of a £6m investment from HEINEKEN UK, the Maltsmiths campaign – created by ATL agency Otherway – will be promoted heavily across TV, out of home, targeted social media ads and VOD, expecting to reach 15 million people.

Targeting male and female drinkers between the ages of 18-44, campaign assets will invite consumers to redeem their free pint of Maltsmiths lager, simply by searching ‘try maltsmiths’, leading them to a custom-built webpage: Here, consumers can use a virtual map to discover where to find their nearest Maltsmiths, as well as upload their receipt via to claim their cashback.

Underpinned by the brand’s new platform “change tastes good”, the “Have a lager on us” initiative seeks to capitalise on the growth of the Maltsmiths brand[1] – for which HEINEKEN saw a 57% increase in rate of sale (May 2018 – May 2019)[2], encouraging consumers to try something different. The concept is born from Maltsmiths’ understanding that consumer tastes change, and so the brewery thought it was about time lager did too, setting Maltsmiths apart from the usual options on shelves.

A crisp and flavoursome lager, Maltsmiths marries citrus and earthy hoppy notes, traditionally making it the perfect gateway beer for those looking to try craft for the first time. But with the growing trend for premiumisation, linked to HEINEKEN’s ‘We’re Worth It’ driver in The Greenpaper 2018 which projects £72M incremental value over three years, Maltsmiths’ crisp and refreshing flavour and contemporary branding is seeing its popularity rise amongst a new generation of drinkers.

Izabela Glodek, Business Unit Director of Premium Beer at HEINEKEN UK, says: “Maltsmiths’ mantra is that it takes a ‘drinker-focused’ approach to brewing, because it’s passionate about creating beers that meet the changing tastes of today’s drinkers. Brewed with plenty of flavour, whilst still being crisp and refreshing, Maltsmiths is a modern alternative to the traditional lagers of yesteryears – and this is what our ‘change tastes good’ campaign seeks to bring to life.

Whilst change can be daunting for some, in a fast-moving 2019, it’s what we know this new generation of drinkers want – and what better way to reward the bold and encourage the unsure, by offering a refreshing Maltsmiths for free.”

The “Have a lager on us” initiative is available across a pint of Maltsmiths lager at ABV 4.6% and 660ml bottles in the off-trade.

*One Maltsmiths redeemable per person

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