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Brockmans World Gin Day Contest Attracts Record Entries

The Brockmans annual search for the best #Brocktails submitted by bar-tender for World Gin Day has this year attracted a record 273 entries. Submissions came from across the globe with bar professionals from 18 countries entering.

In 2018 there were 242 entries from 18 countries whilst the previous year, there were 118 entries from just 12 countries.

British bars came top with 60 entries, followed by the closest rivals USA with 47 and Spain with 34 entrants.

The winning #Brocktails (Brockmans Gin cocktails) will be selected by public voting so now the race is on for bars to get their customers to vote.

Voting goes live on 1st June via

Voting closes on 8 June - World Gin Day. Results will be announced that same day and the lucky winner and two runners-up, each bringing a guest, will be taken to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans as guests of Brockmans Gin. UK consumers, who can vote daily during the polling period, stand a chance of winning a bottle of gin every time they vote.

The competition also provides a superb opportunity for bars to offer special Brockmans Gin Cocktail menus.

The 2019 Entries for World Gin Day

Austria: 3

Czech Republic: 3

France: 3

Germany: 14

Guatemala: 15

Hungary: 5

Ireland: 8 Italy: 34

Mexico: 1

Peru: 2

Philippines: 32

Romania: 2

Russia: 8

Spain: 34

Sweden: 1

UK: 60

USA: 47

Venezuela: 1

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