Las Iguanas Reduces In-Venue Bill Comps by 25%

Las Iguanas, the leading Latin American Restaurant and Bar Group, has reduced its in-venue bill comps by 25% over a two-year period as a direct result of using Feed It Back.

After implementing technology from the leading customer feedback and online reputation specialists, Las Iguanas now receives 10,000 pieces of feedback every week. This has given Las Iguanas the insight needed to make informed business decisions and reduce the number of meals that the restaurant is fully complimenting from 1.2% of gross revenue to 0.9% over the last two years.

Thanks to the insight and engagement tools, all of its sites now have a 4-star or above rating on TripAdvisor. In addition to the commercial and reputational benefits, Las Iguanas has also benefited from an additional 500 new database subscribers per month.

Lisa Campbell, Guest Experience Manager at Las Iguanas, said: “Ensuring that our guests have a fun, enjoyable and outstanding experience at Las Iguanas is our primary focus. The use of Feed It Back’s technology has enabled us to gather high volumes of true customer insight so that we can innovate and evolve our offer based on what the customer truly demands. The technology has become embedded into our everyday practice across the entire business, and has generated a number of tangible commercial benefits, including saving us hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

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