Alpha Rewards Partner Up With UKHospitality (UKH) – The Trade Body Representing the UK’s Hospitality

Alpha Rewards have partnered up with the UKHospitality to make the leading Alpha Rewards employee wellbeing and engagement solution available to all UKH member companies. A deal that encompasses 700 UKH members, this provides an integrated payroll, total reward statements, recognition and wellbeing services in addition to the expected benefits and discounts.

A market leading suite of employee services, Alpha Rewards is built on an ethos of putting the employee and their wellbeing at the heart of employer engagement. Utilising proven methods for driving engagement combined with peer to peer and / or formal recognition programmes that align to a company’s values and even a highly configurable intranet solution, Alpha Rewards is delivering UKH members a highly customisable solution at a cost equivalent to their existing payroll fees.

Lindsay Treasure said of the deal: “We are deeply honoured to partner with an organisation as forward looking and employee centric as UKHospitality. We share similar values and ambitions and both parties are already enjoying significant value from our innovative relationship.”

Alpha Rewards’ comprises a number of elements: their benefits solution is built to support the most challenging employer’s demands. An employer can choose to bring any of their existing benefit options onto the platform with minimal work, or they can choose to access one of Alpha Rewards’ own centrally managed benefits. It is flexible enough to allow new benefits to be added throughout the contract, with a strong focus on minimising employer work effort. Many clients take a hybrid approach allowing their employees to enjoy the best of all worlds.

With over 6,500 retailer offers, Alpha Rewards has the highest level of discount offers and further boost this with a unique combination of enhanced discounts and exclusive deals that are only available through Alpha Rewards. Uniquely, Alpha Rewards pass every penny of every discount on to employees, often boosting them through their direct relationships with many retailers. Many employees on the Alpha Rewards platform have saved well over £1,000 through these discounts in their first year on the platform, some have saved what would be the equivalent of a £2,500 pay increase.

Alpha Rewards have made a real commitment to supporting employee wellbeing. Not satisfied with providing their renowned independent and impartial life-skills advice, they have recently announced they provide a full Employee Assistance Programme, an independently provided professional support phone or chat service. This is funded by Alpha Rewards and provided free to every UKH employee using Alpha Rewards.

As if this isn’t enough, Alpha Rewards also offers a full payroll solution that is tightly integrated into the Rewards platform for all UKH members. This gives employees even more reasons to fully engage with the solution and allows employers the ability to deliver vital communications through their payslip delivery.

The suite of solutions is rounded out with a combination of traditional and unique applications such as: Total Rewards statement that allows an employer to demonstrate to employees the full value of their relationship with the employer; Rewards – a proven gamified engagement solution that increases employee engagement levels and AlphaConnect - an easy to configure and administer intranet, that makes setting up a full intranet in minutes, not just possible, but the norm.

Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKH said of the partnership: “We are delighted to bring Alpha Rewards into the UKH family. Their vision of providing the best wellbeing and engagement for employees strongly supports our vision of making the industry a career of choice for the employees amongst our member companies.”

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