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Sun Valley Nuts Turns Up the Heat With Tabasco® Partnership

The Sun Valley Nut Co. is helping sites banish the winter blues, adding a brand-new Spicy BBQ Peanuts and Corn with Tabasco® Brand Seasoning flavour to its range of nut mixes. The link up, twinning the UK’s number one hot pepper sauce brand1 with the purveyor or premium nuts, spells good news for operators looking to profit from a snacking market in the ascendancy.

Snacks currently make up two fifths of out of home eating occasions2, while the trend for ‘heat’ shows no signs of cooling. Sun Valley has partnered with the iconic hot pepper sauce – the Tabasco® Brand can currently claim 88% brand awareness in the UK3 – to help sites make their snacks work that bit harder.

What’s more, Sun Valley has partnered with the UK’s first female beer sommelier, Annabel Smith, alias BeerBelle, to create beer pairing notes for the exclusive new flavour. The video guide, For Every Beer, a Nut is the first of a series of bite size beer and nut pairing ‘how-to’s’ from Sun Valley.

Annabel recommends pairing the new flavour with craft lagers such as Brooklyn – the toffee, caramel and honeycomb notes perfectly complementing the sweet, salty and smoky profile of the nuts and pleasing crunch of the corn.

Sun Valley Marketing Manager, Alison Robson, comments: “The words ‘nuts’ and ‘kick’ should rarely be used together but for this new fiery new flavour they’re the perfect pairing. The new Spicy BBQ Peanuts and Corn with Tabasco® Brand Seasoning have been created to add a much-needed dose of spice and flavour to predictable bar snack offerings, helping sites profit from the growing demand for more interesting and unique options.

“Operators and consumers alike are digging in for the long, cold months of January and February, and this new flavour should help warm things up nicely – leading into an eventual thawing and a (hopefully) long summer of snacking.”

The Sun Valley Nut Co.’s Spicy BBQ Peanuts and Corn with Tabasco® Brand Seasoning is offered in an 800g catering format, 45g individual carded bags, and 50g bar pots. A range of branded point of sale is also available upon request.

The Sun Valley Nut Co. is an independently-owned, family run supplier of quality processed nuts, raw nuts and dried fruit mixes to some of the UK’s largest retailers and foodservice operators.

To learn more, visit: or call 0151 482 7100

TABASCO and the DIAMOND and BOTTLE LOGOS are trademarks of and licensed by McIlhenny Company, Avery Island, Louisiana, USA 70513.

1. Nielsen to WE 09.04.16

2. MCA 2019

3. Toluna Research, May 2016

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