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Blog: New Turmeric Infused Superdrink From DRGN Launches Into the UK – Created for Mind, Body…and Sp

New premium soft drinks brand DRGN is bringing to the market its first ever turmeric infused Superdrink, created for mind, body… and spirits.

The idea and concept of DRGN, (pronounced ‘Dragon’) originated in 2012 - the Chinese Year of the Dragon. This innovative drink was inspired by the ancient wisdom and glittering nightlife of the Far East, where its founder lived for nearly a decade, and is a fusion of Eastern alchemy and Western science.

DRGN contains a refined blend of pan-Asian superfoods, including turmeric and ginger, which have antioxidant properties such as supporting normal liver function, as well as a range of vitamins, electrolytes and an amino acid to reduce fatigue and aid hydration.

Available now, each 250ml can contains just 80 calories and is free from caffeine, artificial flavours, colourings or sweeteners, and is also suitable for vegans. The vibrant golden colour of this drink is from its key ingredient - turmeric - along with the natural citrus flavours, resulting in a unique and delicious adult soft drink. Specially formulated for multiple occasions, DRGN can be enjoyed at any time of the day - to help detox and provide a hydrating lift, as an all-day refreshment or as a ‘smarter mixer’ paired with spirits.

Vishal Sodha, CEO and founder of DRGN Global Ltd, said, “There is a growing demand for natural beverages that appeal to different occasions and DRGN aims to fill this gap in the market. Thanks to the versatility and functionality that DRGN boasts, this Superdrink is not only a great alternative for non-drinkers seeking natural, exciting refreshments, it is also an innovative ‘smarter mixer’, perfect for those looking for a more mindful drinking experience.”

“In 2016, turmeric was named as a ‘superfood to watch’ by Mintel, and has since been gaining momentum in both the food and drink industry, making this a very exciting time for DRGN to be entering the market.”

DRGN is currently stocked in Sourced Market and available to retailers from Wholegood. In its first month in market, DRGN was also a finalist in three categories of the World Beverage Innovation Awards 2018: Best Premium/Adult Drink, Best New Brand/Business, and Best Beverage Concept.

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