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Venue Insight December 2018 issue - OUT NOW


How is it December?! It only feels like yesterday that we were basking in stifling, 30 degree heat during the best UK summer on record. It’s certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas now though. December really is a magical time of year in the hospitality industry. With all the anxiety around Brexit it’s a great distraction and a fantastic way for venue owners to maximise revenue and step into 2019 full of hope and optimism. Let’s also not forgot all the incredibly hard working staff throughout the land, many of whom will be sacrificing time with the own families to make things run smoothly during this crazy period.

Christmas music really does get you in the mood. Playing music in a venue can be beneficial to your business, in many cases, it’s vital. There is some confusion between an entertainment licence and a music licence, but with the launch of TheMusicLicence earlier this year PPL PRS hope to ease this confusion and educate business owners on being correctly licensed for the music they play. Find out everything you need to know in our fascinating feature.

The world famous Fighting Cocks in Kingston get Fireballed this time. Our resident band Skiv experienced an incredible night at a venue that has welcomed live music for nearly 100 years. This place is a mecca for the live music scene so if you’re considering hosting some gigs at your venue it wouldn’t do you any harm to check out how they go about their business.

We serve up our favourite 12 Brockmans gin cocktails from this year. With so many to choose from it was a tough ask but we got there in the end. We had to polish off a couple of bottles deciding but it was worth it! If you haven’t stocked this incredible gin ‘like no other’ yet it’s an absolute MUST for 2019.

Port is for life, not just for Christmas. Lanchester Wines very own Lesley Cook explains that if you consign Port to just your Christmas shelf you’re seriously missing out.

Here’s to a busy, bustling, fun and prosperous Christmas at your establishment or event and thanks for all of the support this year from readers and advertisers alike.


Rob Taylor


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