Blog: The World’s First Edible Candle! – The World First ‘Wax’ Candle Arrives in Time for Christmas

Bored of traditional Christmas drinks? Confectionery pioneers Smith & Sinclair have yet again challenged the ordinary, with another tasty invention; the Flaming Hot Choc. For the first time, Christmas drinkers will be able to pour candle wax into their winter warmer to add some festive cheer. Light it up, drizzle it in and get cosy; the Flaming Hot Choc really is Christmas in a mug. Limited availability. For more information visit:

Made from a mixture of coconut oil and raw cocoa butter, making it suitable for vegans, the edible candle is a delicious way to add Christmas flavours to winter hot chocolates. With two flavours to choose from; spiced orange, which has sweet notes of mandarin, cloves and cinnamon, and candy cane peppermint, the Edible Candle from Smith & Sinclair is truly a world first.

The Flaming Hot Choc candle can be burnt in the same way as any other candle, offering a warm cosy glow and releasing a delicious festive aroma, but unlike other candles, this one truly does smells good enough to eat; add two teaspoons of the melted wax into a hot chocolate and watch as it transforms into a spiced chocolate orange or warming peppermint flavour.

Emile Sinclair, Head of Innovation, says;

“My obsession with taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary has seen us launch Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies, blended like a cocktail but enjoyed in two bites, Edible Fragrances for garnishing your drink or your skin, and now an Edible Candle. Christmas epitomises cosy nights in with glowing candles, a roaring fire and a hot chocolate, so why not combine these two festive stalwarts and use our Edible Candle to pimp your hot chocolate!”

The Edible Candle can be found online at, carrying an RRP of £9.99.

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