Blog: Crafty Nectar Puts the Sweet Taste Into Stonehenge’s First Live DJ Set Featuring Paul Oakenfol

Crafty Nectar, the world’s biggest craft cider subscription offering announced its move into the live music scene by sponsoring Paul Oakenfold’s history making DJ set at Stonehenge. Rarely do you see a world-famous heritage site host a music event, let alone act as a recording studio whilst staging a live DJ set. But that’s exactly what happened last weekend at Stonehenge.

Craft Cider has definitely had its spotlight moment this year. Sales have massively increased, and the beverage’s brand image has never been cooler. So, if you’re going to put on a history making DJ set at one of the most famous heritage sites in the world, what are you going to be drinking? That’s right, Crafty Nectar. The brand was even specifically requested by the event promoters, Universe.

Legends Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox recently became the first DJs to ever play at Stonehenge. Oakenfold played a solo sunset slot followed by a B2B set with Carl Cox with it all being recorded for Oakenfold’s upcoming album ‘Live at Stonehenge’. As one of the lead sponsors, Crafty Nectar made sure the 50 exclusive guests at the event were partying right through the night to savour the historic moment at the heritage site.

Alon Shulman MD at Universe explains:

“Having Crafty Nectar looking after all our guests who’d enjoyed this ground-breaking moment at Stonehenge helped make the experience even more special”

Paul Oakenfold is quoted as saying:

“Crafty Nectar came onboard in a great way to support what we do – having a local British brand on side was perfect and anyone who gets behind dance music and helps us give back gets my vote. Cheers!”. "Thank you for helping us make history"

Crafty Nectar is at the forefront of the craft cider movement that has been disrupting the drinks industry across the UK and Europe this year. Its artistic, edgy cans of its recent releases No.7 and No.8 make it easy to see why the brand is easily crossing over into music industry events.

Crafty Nectar Co-Founder Ed Calvert said:

“We’re really proud to have made music history with Paul Oakenfold at Stonehenge. Lately craft cider has sparked a new renaissance in the cider industry, but cider’s relationship with live music events is historic. At Crafty Nectar we want to keep that tradition alive. We’re definitely looking to do more events in this area, and maybe in the future a Crafty Nectar festival could be on the horizon.”

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