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Blog: Introducing the Hybrid Botanical Spirit From the Ncn’ean Whisky Company

This new, botanical spirit is a hybrid: a base of Ncn’ean’s new make whisky redistilled with a selection of botanicals including fresh grapefruit, locally foraged herbs such as bog myrtle and heather, and coriander and juniper. Inspired by the outstanding calibre of the new make spirit, this is the first spirit released by Ncn’ean and a milestone on its journey to releasing its new single malt whisky.

The end result of one of the distillery’s many experiments, the Ncn’ean Botanical Spirit marries the flavours of the new make spirit with wild herbs and botanicals, making it a great tasting spirit and a versatile and exceptional cocktail ingredient.

Initially released in a limited run of 5,000 bottles, the hybrid spirit is already gaining momentum in some of London’s best bars and is set to be a huge hit with whisky, gin and botanical lovers. Available through Speciality Drinks and the ​Whisky Exchange​, Ncn’ean will also be showcasing the product at the ​Whisky Show​ at the end September.

The Botanical Spirit ​is a striking marriage of flavours typically found in whisky and gin: combining creamy, nutty barley notes with grapefruit, herbs and sour berries. The new make single malt spirit is distilled twice at Ncn’ean, the first 100% organic whisky distillery in Scotland. Then for a third time at west coast gin distillery, Beinn an Tuirc, where ten carefully chosen botanicals are added including sorrel, heather, fresh grapefruit and wild bog myrtle.

As millennials become increasingly eager to try new products, the new hybrid offering from the Ncn’ean Whisky Company delivers a superb alternative to whisky and gin drinkers. The flavours in Ncn’ean’s Botanical spirit are inspired by wild herbs and flowers that grow at the distillery on the remote west coast peninsula: thyme, heather, sorrel and wild bog myrtle. With the pursuit of new flavours and approaches to whisky at Ncn’ean’s heart, perhaps it is fitting that it should produce a one of a kind liquid as the first step on its journey.

Annabel Thomas, founder of Ncn’ean, said: “Whilst laying down whisky in our warehouses, a lot of people commented that our new make spirit was so good we should bottle it. Credit for this must go in part to Dr Jim Swan, one of the legends of our industry, who helped shape our recipe and whole approach to whisky making. And it was this, combined with the wild herbs and flowers we find all around the distillery, that inspired us to create this spirit.”

Jamie Jones, World Class GB winner in 2017 and Director of Drinks for Scotch+Limon said: “The range of flavours in the botanical spirit and its versatility makes a fantastic base for cocktails. It makes a cracking martini, and the unusual combination of flavours is great inspiration for new creations.”

How to drink Ncn’ean Botanical Spirit

Signature serve

50 ml Ncn’ean Botanical Spirit Tonic water A dash of Angostura bitters Garnish with a slice of grapefruit

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