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Blog: UNDR – A New Venue for London Throws Open Its Doors on 7th September

Out of adversity comes triumph, and so it is that a renowned London venue is set to rise stronger than ever before on September 7th. Formerly The Nest, this all new basement club goes by the name of UNDR Hackney.

The only venue in the area with a 4am license, UNDR is a cosy basement space that immerses you deep in the party, with 20 newly installed lasers, a fully upgraded Martin Audio sound system and reprogrammed lighting that will fire your every synapse throughout the night.

The venue will be one of the few in Hackney with a late licence and will be dedicated to flying the flag for genuine underground arts and culture in London. Each week the space will offer a varied programme of live music and club nights that celebrate the area’s eclectic creative spirit and bring together people from all backgrounds to dance as one.

Says new owner Matt Wells, "I believe that The Nest was always the best intimate clubbing experience in the capital. We’ve now improved the core elements of that experience, namely the Martin Audio sound and lighting. These changes were made to further enhance the customer experience and ensure that UNDR can showcase the best up-and-coming raw talent in music alongside some legends. I own and operate my venues from an independent standpoint, and therefore allow my team to have a free-flowing creative edge. I believe this will be illustrated in our bookings and the culture within the venue."

The club will operate throughout the week as well as weekends, will provide rare opportunities to catch globally renowned artists playing up close and personal shows, and will cover a broad spectrum of genres from a range of vibrant subcultures.

UNDR will be a light in the dark, a beacon of hope for music lovers, artists and the culturally aware, all in a newly refashioned space with improved capabilities and a rejuvenated sense of spirit and community.

A full programme of events will follow in the coming days, but it’s already time to mark UNDR on your map.

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