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90's New York arrives in London for Sex And The City Brunch

Powered by the team behind Hip Hop Brunch LDN, award winners of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 London Club and Bar Awards, they are proud to present the Sex and the City brunch as part of its 90’s themed brunch events. Taking place on 4th August in a secret location this brunch is a Cosmopolitan-fuelled day-party, taking place 12pm-5pm. This nostalgic era in 90’s pop culture will reference Samantha’s age-defying antics and Carrie’s wistful shoe addiction. Carrie’s Catwalk dress-up box will be available for guests to strut their stuff in outfits inspired by fashion’s better decade and the girl who made watchers long for bigger hair and flatter stomachs.

Filled with three courses of delicious food to accompany an hour of bottomless Cosmos, matched with the perfect 90’s playlist and plenty of time to search for your own Mr Big. Or Aidan. Depending on how one might feel.

Attendees can match Carrie’s glamorous smoking antics with cigarette stick sweets on every table to help transport guests to carefree summer nights (or days) filled with the four girls cocktail adventures, gossip and cheerful ‘I don’t need no man’ attitude.

Expect the soundtrack of the party to include the most reminiscent music of the decade led by artists reeking of girl power. All this alongside the old favourites that never fail to put listeners in that mood to let their hair down, shake it off and strut (cue Run-D.M.C’s Walk This Way). The party will be livened with a Samantha or Charlotte quiz the two polar opposites in the series.

Guests are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite character from the series, whether that’s conservative Charlotte or sultry Samantha causing a whole lotta jaw-dropping. And best of all - Prizes for the best dressed and ranging from a bottle for the table to a 90’s Brunch t-shirt.

With the second year Anniversary fast approaching, The 90s Brunch reclaims and reinvigorates the best of the 90’s pop culture with special brunch themes twice a month.

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