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A World Cup WIN for Boxpark

Russia 2018 has been argued as the best World Cup ever, with an unexpected level of drama and shock-factor, creating incredible fan reactions all across the country. One venue which drew particular attention during this Summer’s tournament was Boxpark.

The electric scenes at Boxpark were shared across the globe, beer flying through the air and fans screaming with excitement as the England team exceeded all of our hopes and dreams. No one could have anticipated the reaction to the World Cup and Boxpark became the ultimate football watching experience, with footage of Boxpark Croydon being broadcast on BBC News, Sky Sport and ITV News.

Rio Ferdinand even said about Boxpark Croydon: “South London! That’s what you do in South London. That’s how you go. It goes off.”

Throughout the tournament, Boxpark experienced their four highest trading weeks on record, with over 100,000 pints sold across the business. Boxpark also experienced a media reach of almost 2.5 billion, not including the broadcast opportunities from BBC, Sky, ITV, as well as international broadcasters such as TV2 Norway, Al Jazeera Balkans, TV Chile and Sky News Germany.

With Boxpark Wembley opening later in 2018, the football fan-zone experience that has gone viral this Summer will be spreading to the West.

“The reaction to the World Cup this year has been completely unprecedented with Boxpark becoming the ultimate World Cup fan-zone. The 1200 capacity space in Boxpark Croydon is equipped with high definition screen and surround sound resulting in an indescribable atmosphere and an incredible sense of community amongst the fans, all rooting for our boys.” – Roger Wade, Founder and CEO of Boxpark

England may not have won the World Cup but Russia 2018 was an undoubted win for Boxpark.

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