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Cavalli Club Dubai - The First Venue in the World to Achieve the Maximum Recognition in Nightlife: T

The International Nightlife Association has announced that Cavalli Club Restaurant & Lounge Dubai is the first club in the world to achieve the coveted “Triple Excellence in Nightlife” distinction. This remarkable accomplishment comprises the “International Nightlife Acoustic Quality” (INAQ), the “International Nightlife Safety Certified” (INSC) and the “International Nightlife Quality Service” (INQS) seals which involve major improvements in the venue that implements them in the mentioned areas. Cavalli Club Restaurant & Lounge Dubai, a Gold Member of the International Nightlife Association has undergone all three certifications with remarkable decision and commitment to safety and excellence. All three seals require a comprehensive study and audit and, as a consequence, further implementation of the detected improvements. Previously Cavalli Club Dubai last month achieved the “Double Excellence in Nightlife” seal which was handed by the INA's Secretary General Joaquim Boadas de Quintana to the club’s General Manager Hayan Abou Assali becoming the first distinction our association has awarded in the Middle East. This Double Excellence is made up of both INSC and INQS seals and required the club to have a breathalyser, resuscitators, metal detector, sound limiter, a protocol to avoid sexual assault, a training course on safety, among other things. Cavalli Club Dubai did not stop here and so kept on upgrading its quality by implementing the third international seal, the International Nightlife Quality Service becoming the first in the world to have the Triple Excellence in Nightlife. This third seal covers all aspects of the service the venue gives to their customers not only on their premises, from the parking, entrance, main and VIP areas as well as the services facilities, but also in their online, social network and communication activities, and it is to be mentioned the club’s commitment to the environment and their compromise with sustainability and the United Nation’s Development objectives which include, among other goals, gender equality, recycling and proper working conditions. These requirements are being demanded since the International Nightlife Association is member of the UN’s World Tourism Organization. The Triple Excellence in Nightlife ensures the customer the venue she or he is visiting endeavors in safety and quality, something very valuable when visiting clubs in different places in the world. It also ensures that the staff working on the premises is up to the level of quality the visitor deserves. Lastly, we would like to add that achieving this triple international distinction will be taken into account adding crucial points to the ranking of "The Worlds 100 Best Clubs" list which the International Nightlife Association produces annually and that this year will be made public in Bogotá (Colombia) this upcoming November. 70% of the votes come from a professional nightlife jury and the remaining 30% is voted publicly via Social Media.

Pictured is the INA's Secretary General, Joaquim Boadas de Quintana, handing over the "Triple Excellence in Nightlife" certification recognizing Cavalli Club Dubai as the first in the world, to their General Manager, Hayan Abou Assali.

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