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A Drake Themed Brunch Hits London this July - The Hotline Bling Special Will Recreate all the Best M

Hip Hop Brunch announce its Drake special, celebrating Drake’s recently released ‘Scorpion’ album. The team at Hip Hop Brunch are planning a massive one off brunch for everything 'Hotline Bling' for when that hotline ring, it can only mean one thing with bottomless cocktails and three course menu. Every attendee will receive a Drake face mask on entry with custom built party games to match. Get ready for glasses of champagne out on the dance floor as the event kicks off at 12pm midday. Tickets start at £40 with the event ending at 5pm at a set secret location. Event takes place Saturday July 21st.

Amongst the madness of a usual Hip Hop Brunch, The Hotline Bling Special will feature custom party games for when we need that late night love. A specially designed version of Heads Up, the addictive iPhone game with questions centred around Drake. A few lucky members of the crowd will come up between courses and rely on the crowds knowledge for them to win prizes. Drakes dance moves have always been strong, so Hip Hop Brunch will recreate the famous dancing meme. Random objects will scattered around the stage for crowd members to create their own version. Imagine the below but in front of 100's of people....

Hip Hop Brunches signature temporary tattoo parlour will pop up for a non-permanent Drake recreation, while the show stopping magician, party hosts and entertainers will keep the smiles coming throughout the day.

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