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OMNIA brand has introduced a day club, and what a location to choose

A first for famous nightlife operator, Hakkasan Group, is OMNIA Dayclub Bali. Best known for their flagship venue in Las Vegas, this is the first time the OMNIA brand has introduced a day club, and what a location to choose. This is the first of the OMNIA Dayclub brand expansion with Los Cabos, Mexico swiftly following.

Placed on the stunning limestone cliffs of Uluwatu, OMNIA Bali is a stunning venue in every way. The dayclub and its restaurant, Sake no Hana, have been planned to maximise the panoramic views of the Indian Ocean that can be enjoyed from the 80-metre cliffs. The venue offers sparkling infinity pools, bungalows with private plunge pools and VIP cabanas tucked behind the DJ booth offer next-level luxury, a swim-up bar and pool beds for guests can enjoy the pool party scene. The design is a result of two internationally renowned design powerhouses: WOHA, a Singapore-based practice renowned for its deft integration of environmental and social principles, and Rockwell Group, a multi award winning interdisciplinary firm based in New York, which has created extraordinary architectural experiences the world over.

For the audiovisual set-up, Hakkasan Group turned to Audiotek. Audiotek has been working with the OMNIA brand, and the wider Hakkasan company since 2012, as well as having worked with members of the team for nearly 25 years. This level of trust, and cooperation has led us working all over the world for Hakkasan, and this leads to keeping performance of all systems similar in all of their venues.

The audio configuration is primarily built around a Renkus-Heinz IC-LIVE system with 16 units spread around the site with 10 IC-118S subwoofers combined with the six L-Acoustics SB28 units at the DJ booth. This is coupled with 16 Renkus-Heinz PN82 and 10 Renkus-Heinz PN112S fill boxes installed around the various other bars, and private areas. Tannoy CMS803DC speakers were used throughout the restaurant, changing rooms and toilets. A system of 12 L-Acoustics KARA is also provided as a L-R DJ system. This system allows the club to operate with high levels and total control of the sound.

The visual set-up is built around Absen AD06 LED walls on top of the DJ booth, and the adjacent cabanas. This can be seen from nearly every seat in the venue, and the screen wraps right around the DJ booth to be seen from the VIP section behind the DJ.

The wow factor for the club is provided by two Christie Boxer projectors – housed in Tempest enclosures to protect them from the humidity – video mapping onto the side of the hotel during sunset.

The final word goes to our very own Frank Murray “The recent trend towards day clubs in high end tourist resort locations has presented us with some interesting challenges in climate location and logistical terms. Audiotek with the support of our team of manufacturing partners have achieved an amazing result in the realisation of clients’ vision. Bali has always been an island paradise, with contrasting ancient and modern attractions and now, with OMNIA, Hakkasan have succeeded in offering a new level of luxury hospitality to the resort scene.” Though the weather might cause issues with the equipment, likely it’ll be well received by guests, so OMNIA Dayclub Bali is sure to be packed day after day. So with carefully chosen locations, Hakkasan Group might just have earned themselves another flagship concept.”

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