Keep your kegs on with BierPro

A company has launched with a mission to help bars, clubs and hotels increase profits from beer sales.

BierPro manufactures and supplies innovative gadgets for the pub and bar industry that reduce wastage and help maintain high beer quality.

And it believes that its new BierSaver devices will help bars boost profits by paying for themselves in just a few months.

BierPro Lead Director Margaret Mitchinson said the company was passionate about beer and helping pubs keep more profits in their tills:

“Our BierSavers allow bars to sell the beer in their lines rather than throw it away just before a line clean. They are simple to use and can be used with traditional cleaning regimes as well as automated ones. We believe the £35 price is unprecedented in the industry.”

BierPro says bars will be able to sell up to 90% of beer in the lines, so waste is massively reduced.

Margaret added: “Some bars have long lines and are throwing hundreds of pounds of beer away a month, and in some cases per week. But BierSavers will mean they can claw those profits back.”

As well as the BierSaver devices, BierPro manufactures an automatic line cleaning system, which can clean 10 lines in around 40 minutes.

Margaret explained the system reduced the time staff need to spend on cleaning lines and ensures consistently high quality cleans every time regardless of who uses it.

BierPro has also launched DrainSafe, which means there is no need to use buckets at the bar as system uses a venue’s current drainage.

“As well as helping pubs improve profits, we also want to help the running of venues more time and cost efficient,” added Margaret.

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