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Old Mout launches 'The Kiwi Wild Show' and trade promotion to save the endangered Kiwi

“We could be the generation that either says goodbye to the kiwi, or take it from endangered to everywhere.” That’s the message from TV conservation champions Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan who are teaming up with Old Mout Cider for a new online TV show to help save New Zealand’s unique and endangered national bird, entitled The Kiwi Wild Show.

The show forms part of a major campaign for the cider which also sees the donation of a third of the profit from special bottles and packs of Old Mout to New Zealand charity, ‘Kiwis for kiwi.’

The former presents of BBC’s Really Wild Show are releasing the kiwi-dedicated show to highlight the plight of New Zealand’s national emblem following new statistics that reveal its population has declined by 99% over the past 80 years, now down to just 50,000 remaining in the world.

Working with ‘Kiwis for kiwi’, a charity focused on creating a safe habitat for the birds to grow and thrive, Old Mout is raising awareness of the issue in the UK through an ATL campaign. The brand will donate a third of the profit from special packs of Old Mout sold in selected pubs, to further support the plight of the kiwi.

In the on-trade, a thousand pubs will be provided with promotional kits including t-shirts, POS and coasters - and a donation to Kiwis for kiwi for every bottle of Old Mout sold. Customers who purchase Old Mout will also receive a game card enabling them to enter a prize draw that will give them the chance to win a trip for two to New Zealand.

As part of a kiwi-saving mission, Michaela set off down-under to trek through the wilderness to meet and film with a committed team of scientists, conservationists and rangers from ‘Kiwis for kiwi’, a charity in New Zealand that creates safe habitats for the birds to grow and thrive. Michaela and Chris also presented the exclusive The Kiwi Wild Show which has been released today:

Emma Sherwood-Smith, Cider Director at HEINEKEN, said: “Once we heard that the kiwi bird population is at risk of becoming extinct, we hatched a plan to help the little fellas out! We’re proud to partner with Kiwis for Kiwi and we’re excited to have Chris and Michaela on board to host the Kiwi Wild Show. Old Mout is a cider born in New Zealand – a country famous for its epic landscapes, nature and adventure – it’s where we get our inspiration for Old Mout and the kiwi bird is central to this. We have a chance to make a difference and we’re trying to bring this issue to the forefront of people’s minds here in the UK. We’re confident that drinkers will be looking out for the limited-edition bottles to help us. It’s simple, crack open an Old Mout and help hatch a kiwi!”

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