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The Snow Kingdom Cinema comes to London courtesy of Backyard Cinema

Journey through secret caves of ice, across a frozen lake before discovering an enchanted castle only heard about in fairy tales.

Backyard Cinema present the Snow Kingdom this winter, ticket holders will enter an adventure into the fantasy realm launching October 25th at Backyard Cinema's permanent home of Mercato Metropolitano in Borough. Changing the face of cinema one theme at a time, Backyard Cinema's Snow kingdom is set in an enchanted castle, deep in the snowy mountains in a magical land. Adventurers will enter through a secret entrance at the foot of the mountain and venture though an ice cave across a frozen lake! Once inside the grand ballroom, relax on giant beanbags and enjoy potion themed cocktails before settling under a blanket to watch a favourite movie. For more information and tickets head to:

Escape to a magical castle and enter the immersive world of Backyard Cinema and enjoy the cosiest cinema winter has to offer while feasting on popcorn and indulging on winter warmer cocktails.

Backyard will show a selection of films celebrating wonder, magic, snow & winter as well as some the favourite all time classics. Think Harry Potter, Beauty & the Beast, Titanic, Tangled & The Princess Bride alongside new blockbusters including Baby Driver, Wonder Woman, The Revenant & Guardians of The Galaxy 2. Whether it’s a night out with mates, that special date or an evening with the kids, escape reality at the magical potion bar before settling into the famous giant beanbags to enjoy a cinema experience like no other. Tickets from £17.00 for an adult, £9.50 for under 12s. Date night packages from £69 for two, with snacks, prosecco and blankets included.

Backyard Cinema is changing the face of cinema, set up in its first permanent themed cinema in London, treating customers to a completely different experience every time they go. Since moving into the new permanent home they have produced Miami Beach, The Last Chapel, The Winter Night Garden and The Lost World alongside the sell out Romeo & Juliet specials in St Mary's Church, W1. The Snow Kingdom arrives on 25th October.

For more information and tickets head to:

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