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As we cling onto the long days and warm sun we look towards the autumn with great optimism and will be sure to embrace the bustling early winter and festive season. It seems too early to mention the ‘C’ word but many venues up and down the British Isles will have one eye firmly on it.

Our friends at Europa in their typically unique way explain the psychology of an event and the importance of keeping your clients close, and your event suppliers closer!

Bulk wine is often an issue some businesses don’t want to talk about. Lanchester Wines champion bulk wine and explain that it can be boutique! Ever thought about how the wine on your bar reached the UK? Find out all you need to know.

Touch-screen technology is evolving at high speed, consumers are now fully accustomed to the fast and convenient option of self-service kiosks and touch screens technologies. Offering a complete solution for restaurants, takeaways and bars NextMenu is a suite of new technology solutions for the hospitality sector that will revolutionise the way you do things.

As ever, we are jam packed with cutting edge products, news, industry trends and insight that if embraced will keep your venue at the top of the tree.


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