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WKD's unleashes experimental summer social campaign

WKD’s heavyweight, all-encompassing, interactive ‘WKD for the Now’ summer campaign is expected to reach a staggering two million 18 to 24-year-old consumers every week throughout the summer until September.

An innovative and exciting mix of experiential and social media driven activity will put WKD and NKD firmly in the spotlight this summer by engaging with young adult consumers at all key touchpoints in their lifestyles from festivals or when they are out shopping to a night in or getting ready for a night out on the town.

A highlight of WKD’s summer campaign is the installation of an unmissable, multi-function social hub at major outdoor summer music events including Made in Leeds (July 1) and 2000trees (July 6-8) providing a focal point for festival goers to meet friends and enjoy and capture some WKD ‘wow’ moments. This will be complemented and enhanced via:

  • a fully integrated social media programme spearheaded by DJs;

  • highly visible national digital poster displays in key conurbations across the country from Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester to Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin and Belfast;

  • distribution of eye-catching point of sale materials to bring the campaign to life in selected retail outlets and on-premise venues;

  • and the creation of a series of signature summer cocktails for each of the four WKD and two NKD variants.

The WKD Hub constructed for the music festivals will incorporate four specific areas:

a mirrored ‘get ready to party’ glitter station enabling festival goers to add some sparkle and a touch of glamour to the occasion;

a VIP garden terrace giving a raised view over the festival site;

an exclusive VIP WKD bar and DJ booth; and

‘The WKD Spot’ where the brand’s exclamation mark logo is put to creative use as an area for consumers to perform and showcase their talents, putting them at the heart of the WKD For the Now experience;

WKD also plans to widen the reach of the festivals by sharing the experience with those who aren’t there enabling them to feel a part of the action. DJs will host a series of two hour shows which will be broadcast between 8pm and 10pm - the prime time slot when 18 to 24-year-olds are getting ready for an evening out.

There are five executions in the digital 6, 48 and 96-sheet outdoor poster campaign which communicates the ‘for the NOW’ message. Each of the digital posters features a person performing a different talent such as roller skating, break dancing and hula-hooping in the spotlight of the WKD exclamation mark which is fashioned into a stage.

There will also be the opportunity for selected licensees and retailers to bring the campaign to life in their venues and stores using WKD themed POS materials; and SHS Drinks has created a series of summer cocktails - one for each WKD and NKD flavour - to enable all outlets to participate in WKD’s summer activity. The six cocktails are:

- Cheeky V (2 x 275ml bottles WKD Blue & 50ml port topped with lemonade & ice);

- Balls of Steel (2 x275ml bottles WKD Iron Brew bottles, 50ml herbal liqueur, eight

squeezes of fresh lime & ice);

- The Passionista (2 x 275ml bottles WKD Passion Fruit, 50ml melon liqueur topped

with lemonade & ice);

- Tropiberry (2 x 275ml bottles WKD Berry, 50ml peach schnapps, topped with orange

juice & ice).

- Zingaling (2 x 275ml bottles NKD Lemon & Lime topped with prosecco and crushed ice;

- Sweet Cheeks (2 x 275ml bottles NKD Blueberry & Elderflower; 50ml peach schnapps,

topped with lemonade & crushed ice)

Amanda Grabham, Head of Brand Marketing - Alcohol, at SHS Drinks, says:

Having a fantastic time and sharing those experiences and memories with friends on social media is at the epicentre of today’s 18 to 24-year-olds’ lifestyles, and this has been the driving force and lies at the very heart of the ‘WKD for the Now’ summer campaign.

“With the programme of support we have planned for WKD and NKD this summer, the brand is going to be very top of mind for 18 to 24-year-old consumers and we’d recommend that licensees and retailers are prepared and well-stocked for the increase in sales that these activities are likely to generate, particularly when the sun comes out as this can boost sales by around a third.”

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