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A midsummer night’s tipple, Lyme Bay Winery unveils new-look fruit liqueurs

Whether sipped as an aperitif, added to a cocktail or simply taken on the rocks, Lyme Bay Winery’s new-look fruit liqueurs are a sweet treat to savour on those long summer nights. With a nod to the artisan techniques and natural summer stone fruits that have created these liqueurs, as well as the waves and curves of the Jurassic Coast, which lies just a few miles away from the Devon-based winery, this refined, fresh and contemporary re-design offers a tempting foretaste of the delicate flavours that sing from these multi-award-winning fruit liqueurs.

Celebrating the stone fruits of summertime, Apricot Brandy and Cherry Brandy belong to a range of eight fruit liqueurs, all made by blending Lyme Bay Winery’s renowned Country Wines with a complementary spirit, to 17% volume. The smooth and richly scented Apricot Brandy delivers ripe apricots on the palate, as if plucked fresh from the branches, and ends on a gentle brandy finish, while the sweet and complex Cherry Brandy is bursting with sour cherry, almond and brandy flavours with a satisfyingly long finish.

Now available in their elegant new bottles, which can easily be resealed and reused thanks to the traditional wooden stopper, the new-look helps to show off the enticing summer colours of these two liqueurs, making them a drinks cabinet must-have, as well as the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays and celebrations.

The complete range of 17% volume fruit liqueurs are available from independent retailers, including delis, farm shops, butchers and grocery stores across the UK, as well as online at RRP £12.49 per 350ml bottle.

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