Franklin & Sons extends its range with a new can format to provide more choice for its customers

Award-winning premium drinks brand Franklin & Sons launches 150ml tonics and mixer cans to complement its existing bottled offering.

The four-strong range of cans consists of the Great Taste Award-winning Natural Indian Tonic Water, Natural Light Tonic Water, and will also see the introduction of lemonade and soda variants in the next coming months.

The total spirits category is growing at +2% in volume & +5% in value*, this trend is consistent within the mixer category as consumers seek to complete their drinking experience using premium mixers**. Late night venues seek solutions to meet this growing demand and Franklin & Sons have maximised on this opportunity by crafting a selection of their mixers into a compact 150ml can.

Justin Horsman, Brand Controller at Franklin & Sons said “Cans are rapidly gaining popularity for premium drinks. This addition to the portfolio complements our existing bottled formats, providing more choice to our customers.

As Franklins continues to find success with our mixers range, we wanted to expand our portfolio to offer a full variety of product formats, so venues can continuously provide a premium experience. Late night venues face several issues serving glass bottles, to combat this we have created a premium can solution that no one else is delivering, thus ensuring outlets can continue to serve high-end drinks with ease and elegance”.

The new cans are ideal for late night venues, especially those with premium bottle to table serves as they create an appealing alternative to venues that are unable to use glass mixers. Produced with the same handcrafted liquids, the lightweight, sleek, recyclable cans cause less wastage and are easily transportable. The cans are diverse and will suit travel retail as well as featuring within hotel amenities, such as the minibar.

Justin Horsman adds: “The 150ml Natural and Natural Light cans provide the proper measurement to pair perfectly with a wide variety of premium spirits, cocktails or single serves, an ideal selection for any bar.”

After a hugely successful first year launch with impressive 4 digit growth, the move to expand the range by Franklin & Sons propels them further into the craft spirits market. The brand continues to carve the way for premium offerings to the trade whilst fast becoming the favoured partner for craft spirits.

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