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Last dance with Dippy at New Year’s extravaganza

The Natural History Museum hosted a New Year celebration for 600 revellers to make history and be part of the final event with the iconic Dippy the Diplodocus in the Hintze Hall.

The evening saw indulgent entertainment provided by Guilty Pleasures in the form of shamelessly delivered classic pop ballads whilst the Dinosaurs gallery formed a well themed break out space. Party food was delivered by approved supplier Benugo and consisted of a 3 course VIP meal and snacks served at bars, whilst the production by Halo focused on lighting, staging and sound in the Hintze Hall.

The Hinzte Hall will now be closed until August as Dippy departs ready for a UK tour in 2018 and the installation of the dramatic diving Blue Whale skeleton commences. The museum’s wealth of additional spaces are all still available providing the chance for events to be hosted in previously undiscovered locations with a wealth of hidden gems to discover. This includes the majestic North Hall which will only be open for the time of the Hintze Hall closure, presenting the grandeur of Hintze Hall but in a more intimate setting 50 to 250 guests.

Robert Wetherell, Head of Venue Hire at Natural History Museum explains:

“This is a time of exciting change and redevelopment for the museum and I’m so proud to be a part of helping shape its future. Whether it’s dining with a view of a giant sloth in Waterhouse Way, networking around the Stegasaurus or enjoying cocktails and canapés during a private viewing of one of our intriguing galleries, the museum has a range of spaces all available from 1st January 2017.”

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