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Yumpingo Launches ‘TotalView’ in Partnership With AreTheyHappy

Guest experience expert, Yumpingo, has partnered with leading online reputation management solution, AreTheyHappy, to now offer hospitality businesses of any size the TotalView solution that helps them track, manage and impact all touch points on their guest journey.

The announcement is made as the industry continues to negotiate the ongoing pandemic, which has fundamentally impacted the guest experience. In this climate, it has never been more important for businesses to track and manage their guest experience, both in-the-moment and after guests leave the premises and take to social media to describe their experience.

Yumpingo’s TotalView, which includes the new reputation management platform, powered by AreTheyHappy, allows businesses to track, attribute responsibility, engage, and impact guest feedback left across review sites and social media platforms, giving operators the power to drive loyalty, increase visits, and provide accountability for recovering guests who had a negative experience. In combination with Yumpingo’s existing comprehensive suite of guest experience management solutions, the Yumpingo TotalView provides operators with a single view of what their guests think, feel and say across every aspect of their experience, everywhere.

The exclusive partnership brings together two truly specialist companies with best of breed platforms to provide a single customer experience view for hospitality businesses to optimise every aspect of the guest experience in the UK and US.

Yumpingo TotalView is available immediately and already helping leading operators across the industry, including Rosa’s Thai, Leon and the New World Trading Company manage guest experiences in store, off premise and online, in one place.

Jon Townsend, Strategic Planning Manager, New World Trading Company: “We’re a forward-thinking business that is continually seeking ways to evolve and streamline the way we operate in order to improve our guest experience. This partnership gives us greater dexterity to manage, track and influence the end-to-end experience of our guests, something which will become increasingly more important as we negotiate the coming months.”

Gary Goodman, CEO, Yumpingo: “Understanding what guests feel, think and say about every touchpoint during their journey has never been more important. From the sound of the music inside your venue, the smoothness of your new ordering process, the granular detail about specific dishes to how attractive your brand looks online – this new integration gives businesses the power to seamlessly track, manage and influence all of these touchpoints.

“One positive to be taken from 2020, has been the collaboration and united spirit that our industry has shown in the face of adversity. At Yumpingo, we’re passionate about collaboration and working hand in hand with the industry to provide best of breed solutions, insight and guidance that will help operators navigate the evolving demands of guests. Following a detailed tender process to identify the best hospitality centric reputation management platform to partner with, we are very confident this latest Yumpingo partnership will help us do just that.”

Hannah Albarece, CEO, from AreTheyHappy, said: “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Yumpingo. Together, we will be delivering exclusive new features for growth-focused hospitality brands. With the powerful combination of 1-minute dish-level surveys, social media and review management, and efficient team collaboration, restaurant brands will have a unique 360-degree overview of customer sentiment and internal operations. We give them the tools to deliver great customer experiences, online and offline.”

“With this partnership, we’re defining a new era of innovation in customer experiences in hospitality. We are centralizing customer feedback and aligning marketing, operations and front-line teams like never before, and empowering organizations to stand out and deliver amazing customer experiences.”

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