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Wellnergy Festival – Promoter Interview

Nick Steiert - Co-Founder of Wellnergy

Wellnergy is a truly unique experience that brings together the five pillars of mindfulness, fitness, food, music and laughter. It takes place on the 17th of June at Barn Elms, London, with a mission to create a wholesome experience that focuses on personal growth and developing the mind, body and soul for a more fulfilling life - the festival is a culmination of that vision.

Industry experts such as Grace Beverley, Dilly Carter, Dr Alex George, Alice Liveing, Maude Hirst and Laura Hof will all be present to deliver talks, workshops and much more with music curated by the Gardens of Babylon collective with internationally renowned electronic music artists Magit Cacoon and Patrice Baumel.

Here we speak to the main man Nick Steiert for the inside scoop.

How has this year been getting this festival together? Do you enjoy it, is it torture, or somewhere in between?

It's been an exciting but non-stop journey! Building a festival from scratch is a huge task, from securing major artists with the help of our music partner, Gardens of Babylon, to organising over 75 wellness experts for workshops, classes, and talks. It has presented some logistical challenges, but the team's enthusiasm has never wavered. With a fantastic schedule in place, we're eagerly looking forward to the big day on June 17th, and can't wait to see our hard work come to fruition.

Who is behind this festival and what are their backgrounds?

I'm Nick Steiert, Co-Founder of Wellnergy along with Dotun Omo. My background is in travel and events, having co-founded the award-winning company Invasion, which offered life-changing experiences for young people around the world, and working on major festivals such as Springbreak Amsterdam. While always interested in wellness, I've come to appreciate the importance of all 5 pillars - Mindfulness, Laughter, Nutrition, Music, and Fitness - to overall health and happiness. Dotun, with his background in leading wellness retreats, was the perfect partner to bring the Wellnergy idea to life. Together, we are committed to bringing together experts from across the wellness industry to share their knowledge and teachings, with the goal of improving people's lives.

What was the initial idea and inspiration for the festival and when was that?

Wellness is a hot topic in 2023. It has become a top priority for many people around the world, largely due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has prompted a renewed focus on mental health, led to a surge in online workouts, and created new virtual communities to support each other's well-being. As lockdown restrictions lifted, events began to take place again, bigger and better than ever. However, we noticed that many wellness festivals in the UK were focused on specific themes or aspects of wellness, leaving a gap in the market for a festival that brought together all 5 pillars of wellness. At Wellnergy, we welcome everyone, regardless of their experience with wellness. Our first festival was originally planned for 2021, but due to the pandemic, we held a virtual event instead. Now, we are thrilled to be preparing for our live event on June 17th, 2023, which promises to be an incredible experience with an amazing lineup of experts and practitioners.

How hard was it to get off the ground? What did it involve?

The success of Wellnergy festival is a result of great teamwork. As this is our first year hosting an in-person event, we had to establish connections with brands, headliners, and partners, which was a lengthy process. Despite the challenges we faced, the Wellnergy staff worked together seamlessly, and we're thrilled to see the outcome of our collective efforts.

What are the key things to get right at the festival?

Our priority at Wellnergy is the customer experience. Our goal is to provide a truly unique day for each festival-goer, with a diverse range of experts offering something for everyone. We hope that attendees leave feeling inspired to try out something new, having discovered a wealth of knowledge and insights from our incredible lineup of experts. In addition, we believe in inclusivity and strive to make everyone feel welcome at our festival. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, you deserve the opportunity to learn and grow with us.

How have you programmed the bookings for this years event?

At Wellnergy, we're thrilled to have partnered with The Gardens of Babylon, a family-founded powerhouse of sound and spirituality, who have curated our festival's music experience. With their impressive track record of bringing people together through music at events all over the world, they have brought in world-famous DJs to bring the music pillar of wellness to life. Their mission fully aligns with our own, and we are delighted to have industry leaders onboard to help us create an unforgettable festival.

What were some of the biggest challenges in making this happen?

As a first-year festival, it can be challenging to give our followers a clear picture of what to expect on the day. While we have a remarkable lineup and schedule with sessions, workshops, and talks from some of the biggest names in the wellness industry, we are still working on capturing photos and videos of the festival. We understand that visual aids can help our attendees better envision their day, but we're thrilled to see the tremendous interest and support we've received from people all over the country and beyond. Our ticket sales have exceeded our expectations, and we can't wait to provide our festival-goers with a truly unforgettable experience.

What are you most looking forward to about this year's event?

Firstly, I want to give a huge shout-out to all the talented professionals who will be leading sessions at the festival. Their expertise and passion for wellness have helped us create the amazing day that's in store for our attendees. While I wish I could attend all of the sessions myself, I'm particularly excited about Maude Hirst's yoga class, as I'm a big fan of the Vikings TV show. And of course, I can't wait for The Gardens of Babylon's music curation. Listening to their unique and uplifting style of music in lockdown brought a lot of positivity and colour during a dark time. I’m very excited for other people to dance, vibe, and be inspired by it.

What tips have you got for anyone coming, about things to do and explore?

Be open-minded. We've got sessions that explore the cutting edges of the wellness space; from sound healing, to ecstatic dance and everything in between, so even though you may be excited about one session in particular, use the time to explore areas of wellness that you may never even have heard of. Who knows, it could be the start of a new you! Get down early to the festival. The workshops and sessions start at 09:00! We have so many exhibitors and experts who will be around the park throughout the day, so make the most of your time to get the best experience!3. Last but not least fully embrace the moment. A key component of wellness is to be present in the current time. So leave your to-do lists at home and prepare for a day of self-discovery at Wellnergy!


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