#WeAreNightlife Launches With NDML, NTIA, Alex Proud & More

Campaign celebrating the cultural importance of the UK Nightlife Sector launches with major industry names

· #WeAreNightlife campaign launched by industry specialist insurance broker, NDML, industry body, the Night Time Industries Association, and a collection of the UK’s most iconic venues.

· The campaign has been pioneered to celebrate the importance of the night-time economy to the UK’s culture following the impact of the pandemic.

· Showcasing the people behind the venues across the UK, #WeAreNightlife celebrates the future & the people that make the sector so fantastic.

· Launching with famous industry names including:

o Alex Proud (Proud Cabaret – London & Brighton)

o Andy Blackett (Fabric Nightlife – London)

o Tristan Moffat (Piano Works – London)

o Matt Farrell (Graffiti Spirits Group – Liverpool)

o Andy Dodd (Flipside – Bristol)

· The campaign will culminate in a community art project, installing nightlife murals in key cities across the UK, celebrating what makes the meeting of music, art and culture so powerful and invaluable to the UK economy.

Night time specialist insurance broker, NDML,with the support of the Night Time Industries Association, are today launching a campaign to promote and celebrate the importance of our nightlife economy.

Travelling the length and breadth of the country, the campaign talks to some of the most iconic names in nightlife & hospitality to showcase the people behind the venues, and celebrate what makes our industry so great.

In five intimate interviews with these industry leaders, the NDML team sit down and look at the future of this invaluable industry. Rather than looking back at the struggles of the past year, the series talks about what makes nightlife such an integral part of British culture, and celebrates what venue owners are looking forward to in the coming weeks and months as their venues come back to life.

In the wake of the pandemic, this campaign aims to celebrate the togetherness and collaboration of this industry, the unforgettable experiences it creates for the public, and raise the profile of an industry which has undoubtedly been hardest hit throughout 2020/21.

Justin Romero-Trigo, CEO of NDML said:

“From day one, we’ve worked with the nightlife industry because I’m so passionate about it. I’ve missed being able to get out to the UK’s greatest venues over the last year, and we’ve seen first hand the hit they’ve taken in the wake of COVID-19.

That’s why I wanted to create this campaign, to help raise awareness of the artistic & cultural impact our nighttime economy has, and to give venues the much needed boost they need to thrive once more.”

“… the very soul of British culture…”

Alex Proud

Speaking about how integral nightlife is to British culture, Alex Proud, of Proud Cabaret based in London & Brighton said:

“For a lot of people it’s [lockdown] taken away the very soul of life. For some people the soul of life is religion, for some people its family, for a lot of people it’s the joy of eating good food, of being served of not washing up, just for two hours you don’t worry about anything. I think when you take that away life can feel really joyless, very routine and very formulaic. I think everyone missed going out; whether that being your local for a pint, whether that be a cabaret, whether that be your local fish and chip restaurant; we missed it horribly and realised how fundamentally part of being British our nightlife is.”

The passion demonstrated by these venue owners is inspiring, especially after such a challenging period. A common theme throughout the campaign has highlighted the drive to bring people together again.

Tristan Moffat of The Piano Works in London commented:

“I’m really looking forward to welcoming people back, seeing those happy faces, giving our musicians and staff paid employment again – getting people socialising again, getting people back together.”

The NTIA have been integral in working alongside NDML in defending and supporting nightlife venues throughout the pandemic. They’ve also worked closely in the development of this campaign, celebrating some incredible venues.

And after a year of fighting to protect the industry, this project is another opportunity for the NTIA to promote the nightlife economy.

NTIA CEO Michael Kill said:

“It’s great to be working alongside NDML, and venues across the country to make this project happen. We’re so grateful for the enthusiasm of the venues taking part, to help us showcase just what an amazing impact nightlife has on the UK economy.”

In support of this campaign, NDML & the NTIA are also pioneering a community art project, with a mission to install a nightlife mural in every major nightlife city across the UK. The mural project will in each location, work with local artists and venues to commission a bespoke mural celebrating that city’s unique night time heritage. Whether that be iconic venues, artists which grew up in the city, or famous events that are integral to the local scene. All to leave a lasting legacy for nightlife and to celebrate its impact for years to come.

The project is on the lookout for mural locations, venues & artists across the UK who might be interested in taking part in this fantastic celebration of nightlife. Anyone interested in taking part should get in touch with NDML’s representative, Ollie Calvert on oliver.calvert@ndml.co.uk

The interviews can be viewed on the following links;






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