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Touch ‘n fry: Taylor UK Launches Latest FriFri Fryers

Iconic frying brand’s Touch models offer superior results and consistent cooking

Taylor UK is now distributing the FriFri brand of fryers. The company will stock the brand’s full range of products, including the latest Touch models, which feature programmable touchscreen controls and a host of features to ensure fry quality while minimising costs and maximising the life of the oil.

The Touch models are available in one, two and three basket versions, to suit a wide range of applications. Their advanced features include the Eco mode, which helps minimise power consumption by automatically reducing the temperature of the oil if the fryer is not in use for a period of time. As well as saving energy, this extends the life of the oil, extends the life of the elements, and reduces waste heat, making a more comfortable working environment.

The touchscreen brings a new level of control and consistency to frying. 24 programmed menu items allow users to deliver quality results at the touch of an icon. Meanwhile the integral oil management and filtration systems, combined with precise temperature control, ensure cooking is absolutely consistent. Touch fryers also have an adaptive cooking system that adjusts the frying time to suit the batch size, so food is never undercooked.

The touchscreen’s ‘ColourCue’ feature shows the status of the fryer at a glance. Red means attention is required, for example to unload it, amber is pre-heating and green means it is ready to fry. The touchscreen’s ‘Oil Assistant’ allows staff to monitor the condition of the oil.

Touch fryers come with gravity oil filtration as standard, and options include xFri, a pumped oil filtration system. Another option is LiftFri, the automatic basket lifting system.

“FriFri is an iconic frying brand, known for quality, reliability and innovation,” says David Rees, Marketing Manager at Taylor UK. “The Touch models are outstanding, easy to use and simple to update as new software is developed. They also give managers really significant data, for example covering oil management and providing insight into how the machine is being operated.”

Product News

The Touch fryers are FriFri’s top of the range models. Taylor will also be distributing the brand’s Precision models, which are also electronic, and the budget- priced Super Easy range. FriFri fryers are manufactured by Lincat, a member company of The Middleby Corporation.

Taylor UK is part of the Hubbard Taylor Group (HTG Trading Ltd) and is the exclusive distributor of the Taylor, Frigomat, Orved, Varimixer, Pratica and Eloma ranges in the UK, and a preferred supplier of ISA, TurboChef, Bakers Pride, MagiKitch’n, FriFri and Perfect Fry equipment. Taylor UK distributes via dealers nationwide and has over 45 years’ experience in sales, product development, distribution, service and aftercare specific to the UK marketplace.

For more information and details of local stockists:

Call Taylor UK on 01473 350045


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