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The Zero Carbon Forum Appoints Carbon Intelligence To Build Industry Roadmap

A big step for hospitality to cut emissions and reach net zero.

The Zero Carbon Forum has appointed Carbon Intelligence’s team of strategists, data scientists and engineers to help build an ambitious roadmap for the hospitality sector to reach net zero carbon emissions.

Forum members include leading restaurants, pubs, breweries, and hotels, working together to tackle the climate crisis and build a more sustainable and efficient industry. By identifying and addressing emission hotspots, the forum will announce a sector-wide net zero commitment this summer, ahead of the government’s 2050 ambition.

With it, they’ll publish a plan to get there as quickly as possible. Carbon Intelligence will support the forum to set a date, with action-based milestones to track progress along the way.

Forum CEO and founder Mark Chapman said of the partnership, “We’re very pleased to bring Carbon Intelligence on-board. Our members represent diverse players across business types, sizes, and stages of their journey. What we have in common is commitment to achieve net zero at pace, and Carbon Intelligence will help us create a plan to get there.” He noted Carbon Intelligence’s expertise, adding, “The team brings very relevant experience, particularly in scope 3, which comprises the majority of our sector’s emissions.”

Jonathan Sykes, Carbon Intelligence’s Executive Chairman noted "Collaboration is critical to driving transformation in sustainability, particularly in the supply chain. This forum has a really incredible level of drive and ambition. We look forward to jointly announcing hospitality’s position to government later this year.”

Ahead of the industry roadmap, members are already working on a number of collaborative initiatives. UK Hospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls remarked, “We’ve already seen so many innovative projects across the sector, despite the dreadful challenges that have beset the sector this year. It’s crucial to the survival and success of our industry that we build back better. Cutting carbon makes business sense. It’s what our customers want to see, and generally means lower operating costs as well.”

Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) Emma McClarkin expressed the particular importance of driving carbon reduction for the recovery of the country’s pubs and breweries. “Consistently measuring and reducing carbon emissions across operators is a huge step to ensuring a full recovery. Our sector is already taking huge strides towards these goals and are stepping up to play our part looking at our energy use, eliminating waste and roadmap to net zero as part of our economic recovery plans.”

The Zero Carbon Forum will make their net zero roadmap publicly accessible. They’ll also publish a suite of online tools to help all hospitality operators transition to a net zero economy.

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